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Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

One of my favorite novelists, a book that often comes to mind as greatly lyrical and a full, philosophical story, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, my reflective review:

The most moving novel I’ve read this year in 2022, and the most recent one I’ve added to my own home library. Song of Solomon (1977) had been a favorite of mine around the year 2004, and somehow I could not remember anything about it at all but that I had read it and thought I had called it my recent favorite novel then.

And it is incredible now. Toni Morrison is a novelist who can write in a truly distinctive, prose poetry style with plenty of suspense and meaningful dialogue.

Although I had found that Toni Morrison died in the year 2019, I am honored to have also found out she was born in February, the 18th, and on the day before my birthday, different year.

This is literary fiction at its finest and most genuine; she feels to be picking up speed in her writing and letting it happen, yet her poetic prose is polished and concise.
It is also a rare book that brings together myth, song, memory, love, revenge, disgust, victory, and name, and reaches over a broad setting beginning in the Michigan Suburbs, Pennsylvania, hinting at Boston, Massachusetts and the continent of Africa, and the Blue Ridge countryside of Virginia. I cherish my copy.

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