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The Land That Grew Me by Mab Jones

A poetry book I read by a new poet to me after first meeting her during a Zoom poetry session awhile before, having not yet read her work, Indelible Magazine: Connection and Disconnection in the Ikea Age. I’d really enjoyed her humor! and now the brilliant collection, The Land That Grew Me by Mab Jones, a poet from Wales. In my books unplanned, I’ve been to England, to Ireland, to Wales, and now doubly back in Ireland (to be continued!)

Here is a brief recommendation to the reader, what I thought of The Land That Grew Me by Mab Jones:

I really loved this poetry collection, precisely worded, detailed with such rich imagery and sound aware, direct and metaphorical as a perfect combination and the collection reads as if from one main character from where she is, and with a kind of fictional narrative appeal, that speaks to a larger universality, often with a theme of loneliness, with subtle humor. Wonderfully done, I look forward to more poetry from Mab Jones.


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