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What Did You Do Today? How Has It Been?

February 24, 2023

What did you do today? I did 3 loads of laundry, I finished Anam Cara by John O’Donohue, amazing book! I finished Selected Poems by Yeats (I wouldn’t have selected these poems of them though, mostly just browsed the sections, good idea for me to look inside before, no worries.)

—My review of Anam Cara by John O’Donohue:

I was really surprised and happily so to see how much in common my own beliefs had with these without reading a book specifically on Celtic Spirituality beforehand. 

It is very much a book of setting up to be around other people by being fully in trust of oneself, and so readying you to meet an Anam cara or soul friend, without defining that in a way it becomes a forced task. I love the poets and author quoted, inc. Yeats, Kahil Gibran, Henry James, and especially some examples of early Celtic poetry I would love to read more. 

I loved the connection with nature as a friend, heaven and earth touching, seeing things freshly and anew, the blessings ‘may the road rise up to meet you’, with wordless contented companionship, subtlety, with seasons, thresholds, your own love and friendship with your inner soul, the freedom to be you and to enter love and the soul around the body, (I’d add, around and within the person too), and to my delight, the phrase, my door is open, a great introduction.

I cleaned my whole apartment, I continued a new poem I am writing where I left off the other day, I made the poetry journal more convenient to work in by removing the band around and the ribbon marker, not needing a bookmark for this style book.

I finished Alisi’s look 🧸, with a finishing haircut trim and fur nicely smoothed. I am so sorry the Bears kind of took over 😊💕.

I have a green ribbon I don’t know what to do with it yet.

I have a still life canvas in progress, in which I’ve placed thinly colors of the mood and look to trace or plan which object may go where. Next step, I shape and size the armoire in the room…it is very in progress but not purposely hidden. I am finding a third object for the table, while so far there are two. I did no work on it today.

I heated almond milk on the stove in my life off the canvas, let it cool, and smoothed it onto my face and skin with a soft plush cloth.

In my email account, my middle name, which I like and prefer to include with my full name, had been removed. I got it back.

I set all this aside, and pour water, and sit awhile with the bear.

How about you? Happy Weekend.


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