blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A New Poem Written, Complete, Sent In, A New Art Gallery

New Art Gallery

My painting was selected to be in the upcoming local art show in Massachusetts, the details are here. I brought in the painting covered before the snow. The Gallery also has plays and shows there I’d like to see.

Inspiration for a Poem

I also completed this afternoon my first poem in a long time, and this poem has been submitted to a Journal that I feel might fit the themes of the poem. It’s a poem that I started writing by pen in little parts (secretly 😊 ) offline in my new journal. I wasn’t sure how it would go, was writing for enjoyment and an idea of feeling into imagination, and I felt it come together today…I followed the lines, in a way, to the end, as it snows outside…

Outgoing Poems to Journals

I have two other poems outgoing to hear back from the journals. The responses tend to be months, and the magazines also publish issues in different months, but a poet can send their work out to magazines as they complete the poems, and so it’s not only waiting. I am still writing my novel as the main project. I also want to read the issues to enjoy and appreciate other poets’ work, discover some new writers I enjoy, as I have a few recently.

My Art Curator Cat

I was organizing some things and my curator 🐱Peeko brought out my college diploma; he is a cat of encouragement and selection of merits. He has also been schooled awhile, most interested in music, metrical poetry, and paintings; he also enjoys female soldiers and warriors on a book cover, but he hasn’t learned social sciences just yet.


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