blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Thankful for the Norton FD, A Night’s Emergency Resolved, Wedding Rings

February 25, 2023

Thank you and a special word of gratitude and words of appreciation to the Norton Fire Department for helping me tonight, with warmth and skilled efficiency as my wedding rings were dangerously stuck on my fingers. My husband had found remedies online like hand in cold water bowl and oil, to help but in time, it could be a great emergency (in time, fingers can lose circulation from the rest of the body), which is another safety thing I learned and am glad to know, and not to try to put on wrongly sized rings.

They were able to get the first ring off with no issue as a thank you for the cold weather outside that also helped on the way. The second, the band was from the start sized small (the nudge of intuition is meaningful!), and we were going to size them when I thought they fit tonight more than the last time, but now I learned an important caution not to try that way. It is great they saved me well and also the rings, memories of self and love refreshed for me too, and just the gold ring cut neatly in great condition. They did this with great care and a welcoming attitude. Refreshed, I feel, thankful, a celebration too, thankful, as my hands are again pleasantly normal. 💕—Jade

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