blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Professor Peeko Looking from a New Angle from the Top of Reading Chair

Living life from a new angle, with his own confidence peaking, Peeko says, ‘Hmm, let me see this home library…Now, maybe I will select the next book to read…’

Curiousity and knowledge are miraculous.

😊🐱📚—Professor Peeko

A slow morning…Tea on a morning of clouds and rain…before the Art Gallery.

We moved through mindfulness practices from The Raft newsletter from Plum Village, mindfulness meditation and listened to an inspiring talk. I realized I need more nourishing activities like these as a full part of my day, time spanned out more on my art projects, realizing I am not particularly suffering from laziness, and it is more productive and happier to work this way. I need more physical focus in my day too, and I intend to pry the blog out of my hands just a little bit 😉 now, for less screen exhaustion, and overall wellness. A lot of the blog too has been start up things that have been completed and decisions I’ve made.

Peeko on Plum Village


I replaced the positioning of the painting I’d had here more to eye level and have the chair moved up and tilted toward the window. This painting, “Sun Shower” (January ‘23) is my most recent painting, and it is one of my paintings I deeply connect with at the time.

… ‘Don’t try on the new clothing item underneath just yet…I press it beneath this lavender (parchment) familiar one and am infusing it all with my warmth and love,’ 😽—Peeko


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