blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

This Should Happen Again…Now:)

Update: COVID TEST: NEGATIVE. I can breathe normally, that was my one symptom, so I am feeling better now, Ty 🙂 I slept with the window open just a little, as I’d done in the past, and I think that may have helped to wake well in the morning.

My new winter coat came today that I’d mentioned…It is really nice, but not for me, I look like Kenny from South Park in it :/ will return 🙂 and shop in person.

This is a good post I recently completed with reflection many might relate to; I use it now as a guide moving forward, for overall wellness and satisfaction in work and life.


…And this should happen again…🥁🎶 (my own video of Boston 2021)


March 2023: …And nature treasures, a new one is ready😊💕🍀, Jade

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