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Teddybear Talk

This is my serious look, like, we have something to talk about now:), and that is Bears, but not mad, as the car was moving as I took my portrait (not driving tho :o, creating a blur of graveness that is more solemn than planned. 😀

This is not about Bears yet but leading there…Those are beautiful pink gray clouds that I might send up my kisses…Yes, they are painted for me. (And they may just as specially be painted for you.) If you think this is too personally special, well, I find them still painted for me…;) You may find a sky painted for you tomorrow, or be contented with other parts of the day. 🙂 💕💕

I was on a weekend trip with my husband to western MA when we stopped at a reststop along the way. My husband noticed the place also included a gift shop that looked too to me very antique-like and meaningful, so he mentioned, look around if you want I will too around the shop and so I did, and I came across this little black-bear stuffed animal that I just loved right away. I got her, and she was the first animal toy I ever picked out for myself specifically. Once she was settled in and given a name, “Teddie” Peeko too befriended her and as a rescue cat whom we adopted from the shelter and was from an abusive home in the past, Peeko had a lot of anxiety and was very easily upset and startled…He did enjoy hearing poetry and having unofficial schooling with me, and when we got Teddie he began sitting in the living room more often during the literary salons as if he had an animal friend with him, and would smile right at her, sometimes go and sit next to her…We both have done great with the teddybear. 🧸

I could see he would enjoy this as he tended to chase around and try to fight any animal he’d met even as a baby. And he is the kind of cat who is very selective with company and warming up to a guest, is a territorial affectionate pet, likes naps uninterrupted, so as some people would suggest for Peeko’s anxiety another kitten, he really is at his best state with a Bear and private schooling from his Mom. He also enjoys watching “Bunny TV” at night on the windowsill when the rabbits come out in the forest and gather, he is a neutered cat and a different species, but he really is very contented with that kind of thing.

This is a smaller-sized honeybear, also a gift, from a friend, I’d named her Annabelle. I’d had her for a very long time happily and she seems very contented on the bookshelf.

I would delete blog posts at first with the first Bear as I found I was posting photos of her all of a sudden in a great amount, and I had realized how sometimes a person may love stuffed animals and then, that is really it, gradually, it may just always be the stuffed animals shown, whereas some may prefer this for themselves, and others may not realize the animals taking over, 😉 and maybe the person begins to lose themselves with all the Bears. I also wondered if people were looking for any secret meanings in the Bears as none were intended, and they would appear and then disappear, sometimes no words to accompany them. I am often a deep, imaginative person, but sometimes I am very simple, and literal too, and the posts were simply appreciation of these stuffed Bears.:) And I also know even if you are gifted anything you can give it away, and you can very easily clean stuffed animals in good condition as donations as well, like for children who may be delighted with that.

I wanted to appreciate this Bear, Teddie but also not turn my identity only into stuffed animals for me personally. Once a person knows you like a certain thing, others know, and soon, a person may be left wondering, but do I like all of these animals? And which ones are my favorite? And who am I again?

with my recent painting (Jan. 2023). “Sun Shower.” Cheers. I know the same thing can occur with teatime, in which you imagine I am always sitting to tea…different thing, same concept.

And then my husband brought me a Teddybear for Valentine’s Day whom you may have met on this site I’d shown. I named her Alisi (A-lee-see), a golden or honey-bear. She came as a Boy Bear with a name tag of Trevor and a rose in (his) hand but I could clearly see this Bear was a girl.

My husband found that a little funny and considered it a transgender bear, that passed no problem at all. Anyway, I did feel the Bear needed a little trim around her eyes, because the fur was falling into her face, and I did that, but I did it with a regular scissor, and I could see it was not done well. So I trimmed a little more, it was a long process of making her at what I felt would be at her best. And that Bear I also loved; she was very comfortable to sit with me on my lap really like a real child ‘though I knew she was a teddybear. My cat Peeko liked the Bear, or respected it, and seemed to see it as a guardian or security Bear, as he would not look at it directly, and would always place his back to the teddybear as he rested comfortably, but without hostility and with a sense of security. I tried different ways of evening out the fur on Alisi’s face over time like an internet solution said to place the bear in a pillow case and in the dryer on the fluff setting…She came out fine, a little bit of a not great trim showing, so I tried to keep going and I accidentally trimmed some of the major stitching of her face, and she was not salvageable. I realized I could’ve left her as she was and wouldn’t just give stuffed animals haircuts as it is a true skill that professional groomers do similarly with pet animals and is a lot more of a skill than I would have originally thought!

I felt I’d wanted to write about it or post but it kept seeming like it is something others may not understand, and I do miss that Bear at this time…So this is the post about Bears that explains the whole story. 🧸😊💕—Jade

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