blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

My New Still Life, Mostly from Imagination, The Process

It is almost complete, just a few detail points to go. Today I spent 2 sessions working on my current still life on a Gallery wrapped canvas. The canvas is very much like my June still life, which was on a small-medium canvas, with deep or “gallery” painted sides, and can be displayed on the wall with a neat look without a frame.

I had some realism understanding by looking at classic still life paintings after I’d already had an idea and began this one. I had also set up the real main subject at one point on my own table, and I kept a simplified version in the painting in progress.

I worked steadily both sessions, the second session much more decisive, as I built upon what was there, sure to set up my supplies fully at my kitchen table, air flow great with window open on other side and ceiling fan. I worked before lunch and now just after lunch.

I was deciding on a third main subject, but there are actually two main subjects and a room with depth and background, an imaginary room.

It needs nothing more added, but just defining detail of what’s there, which means I will use a little amount of paint on small, detail paint brushes, and dipped in a little water, for the two main subjects, and a wider coarser brush for a background subject.

I was going to take some kind of portrait photo, while keeping the painting covered or secret until complete, but I really just want it in the room, as even a secret photo shoot at this time could distract me from this pleasant scene I am very drawn too, especially the mood that I’d built very naturally…and I am looking forward to showing you the finished result.


Now you heard the process, and here is the painting complete, finished result! As always, feel free to ask any questions about any of my art, I welcome you to!:

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