blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Still Life with Clementines

For simplicity, all paintings on this site under “paintings” link on the top page main menu are by me, Jade Nicole Beals, and I paint in acrylic, paintings sealed with a light semi-matte varnish.

“Still Life with Clementines”

Mar. 8, 2023, full wrapped canvas 12 H x 15 W.

Where am I in this painting? I don’t know, I imagined the room and this scene, and I feel happy in it and at home. In the foreground, a bright bowl of clementines, behind it, a bread pantry, to the right, a towering climbing plant in a light semi-matte vase.

The room lets in plenty of light, and the back walls subtly show natural wooden beams in a quiet, welcoming room; I think I’ll stay. 🙂


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