blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Dance Party Yoga, before Yoga, and a Sky Gifted After

I accidentally lost my birthday dance video for literary host Miss May’s birthday, so we did a redo, such fun, and shuffle On I ask May to pick a song or two or three or four…this shows the first one, and on the way out to yoga class tonight, the sky is like this, like yes this sky is painted just for you ☺️🎁💕, even if the wise teachers say that’s too personal 😊💕😊🤗😂💕and kisses send up, Let’s dance, positivity and upbeat energy for the weekend.

I usually upload yoga dance to my @jadenicoleyoga YT playlist—(but they blocked this one, maybe music was louder than other ones). I have a few other dance clips under reels, just for fun, 💕🎁🎨😊💃Jade

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