blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

My Paintings at Home

I have moved my paintings around for enjoyment and for my growth as an artist, and to picture where certain sizes and types of paintings may look best in a room.

“Sun Shower” (Jan. 2023) by the window, right, and on the other side, left is “Growing Upward.” (2021) The two square in center are by famous artist of the 1900s and 1800s, Gustav Klimt.

Anemone botanical print I found at a local flea market last month, right side. On the left is my painting, “Carnations the Wind Carries,” (Jan. 2022)—all these paintings are up for sale in my next Art Show this June.

Above the chair is my painting, “The Storm that Shook Me,” (April 2021). This was the first painting I’d done when I got back into painting, and have been painting continuously as a joy. In this photo, I am reading Faery Queene, Book 2 by Edmund Spenser. 💕🎨📗—Jade

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