blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Poetry News! And Another View of My Paintings in the Room

A new poem I’d written was accepted to appear in Indelible Magazine’s Issue #7, the theme is “Science and Sensibility”, and my poem is called “A Mermaid Tells of the Sea Above the Sky.” 😉 You’ll see how it considers the theme, and the Issue should release around late March April 2023. I will link to it!


Here’s another view of my paintings with different paintings displayed from the other viewings. Feat. photo: 2 small of my 9 x 12 paintings on either side of the square paintings by artist Gustav Klimt. These are “Sky Reflections upon the Small Lake,” right and “Growing Upward” left. These are also generally large walls.

In this arrangement, I show these smaller canvases on the wall in morning light as it just becomes light. There are many ways to display a painting, these are ways to view the paintings, and all these including previously shown in the room paintings are up for sale at my June Art Show.

This wall is the same from prev. shown post, with flashes of sun just coming up, my painting “Carnations the Wind Carries” on the left and an anemone botanical antique print from a local flea market, right.

Here it gets nicely warm and sunny light, in a corner beside the windows, with my latest painting, “Still Life with Clementines” and my books to the right.


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