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When the Field Work is Good, The Crop May Double (A Gift)

March 12, 2023

I made up this post title line knowing nothing really about field work itself. Field Work is a poetry book by Seamus Heaney, pub. 1979 as his 5th book of poetry, one of his collections I was interested in reading.

I’d found this poet Seamus Heaney at the local library last month after I’d remembered his name mentioned often by a poetry professor I’d had in college yrs ago. After sampling many poems spanning a decade of his writing, I was deciding between Death of a Naturalist (1966) and Field Work (1975) to read and have a copy of my own.

I’d found I wanted both books. Somehow I’d ordered two of Field Work, which was a lot of fun to see the two copies arrive together, and I will give one copy away in Mansfield at the free library cabinet at the North Common. I have a copy I am keeping to read myself. If you find the book or want it, enjoy it! My two paintings are also not too far off at 888 South Main Street at the Morini Gallery, in Mansfield, opening tomorrow, during the week M – F, 10 am to 4 pm. Feel free to get this free book of poetry at the library cabinet by famous Irish poet, Seamus Heaney, his books arriving right around St. Patrick’s Day 🍀📗📗🍀 ! without intentionally planning so. Let me know if you find it and what you think, whether you hate it or anything you may like to say I am glad to talk about this if you’d like. I am reading my copy too! My email is on the About page of this blog (top main menu). If you already know me feel free to call!

I am happy to announce that Indelible Magazine selected my poem out of over 1000 poetry entries for the next Issue, and the poem I wrote is titled “A Mermaid Tells of the Sea Above the Sky” to appear in Issue #7, for a theme of Science and Sensibility. I wrote the poem intentionally for an interesting spin on the theme when submissions were being received. The Issue should release sometime late this March or early April 2023.

I had 2 poems in Issue #6 of Indelible, around this time this past March, which were “Droplets Slide Down the Pine and Land Upon the Grass Within a Slow Dance” and “This Ring,” and that Issue’s theme was The Feminine.

I plan today to be opening this book of poems and reading in the sun and walking outside, placing Field Work in the Free Library, maybe finding a decorative pot for my indoor plant basil, which is growing very much now, seeing what the day brings… 💕—Jade

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