blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

P.S. Tomorrow Comes

P.S. Tomorrow comes. This letter I’d received yesterday is a blessing to read even with great struggles it has been awhile that someone has reached in as a friend this way with detail, and I met her years ago as pen-pal friend I’d been just getting to know when major life stress changes happened soon over yrs we never really got to connect closely as we had at the beginning of writing. Yet I felt it was the timing with marriage and schooling and was not blaming anyone at all, just let life and people fall or maybe land where they can at the time.

I feel closest to the world through in person talks and activities together and handwritten letters. I pray for my own situation that a choice is taken. I also have a passion for the blogs.

I planned yesterday to work on my novel this morning, this morning came, and I want to switch to visual art today, beginning a new commissioned painting for a special occasion.

First, getting the canvas I’d like for the project today at the arts store and trying ideas for the painting in my sketchbook. I extend you to the blessings 💕—Jade

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