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Happy Birthday, Patty Griffin!

This is a great sky this morning for the occasion and song.

Today is singer-songwriter, Patty Griffin’s birthday! Happy Birthday Patty! 💕💕🎂🍀🍀🍀🍀

You may remember I was listening to her music in January and by February I found her on tour and live in Boston that night and got tickets. You can watch her live on video above with a good song 🎶for today ☀️ “Heavenly Day.” It was so exciting at the concert she’d mentioned both Foxboro and Mansfield MA towns where I live, am near.

She writes songs that tell stories, and she writes about her own ancestry and Irish family relatives or specific events in history in a wide-range of musical genres. She was inspired to write a song seeing portraits of her grandmother on the wall around her home whom she’d never met, yet the portraits captured the woman so well, she says, especially her smile. From a family of seven, Patty is the youngest of her six siblings. 🎶 She was born in Maine and ‘got started’ with music in Boston, and now I believe she’s in Texas.

Also see her perform live 🎶 “Mary,” a top favorite of mine from many yrs ago and fitting for women’s month. This song I’d found out at the concert was inspired by Patty’s grandmother, the woman in the portrait she mentioned:

I was inspired listening to this song to sketch the ocean I walked beside in Queens, New York in childhood just from memory, and after I posted it, I saw Patty was in Boston where I live now with a concert that night! So my husband and I got tickets and it was a very wonderful birthday present, just a couple of weeks before my own birthday in February. This is the one I’ve listened to most often recently.

I was trying to find what I remembered instantly about the ocean from simply memory in a sketch and how I felt about it especially, as a preparation, I am planning to paint the beach this spring and summer, Massachusetts and New York too.

I am reading the poetry book Field Work by poet Seamus Heaney (1979), the book I left another copy of at the North Common free library cabinet when I accidentally ordered two copies. I have read only the opening poem so far.🍀🍀💕Jade


A post I had written about my own family history:

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