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A Low Pine in the Sunshine, My 1st Pocket Sketchbook’s Complete!

…I guess I did some of my own ‘field work’ sketching ‘in the field’ today. A low pine in the sunshine, Mar. 18, 2023, from my pocket sketchbook near home. I sat on a rock to view this scene of pine trees in the afternoon light, and I placed my jacket against me as a pillow support. It can help to be comfortable while sketching, and little things like this can make a difference. This concludes this particular sketchbook and the 1st complete!

(The man in the background is my husband Dan ❤️😊✔️)

My sister Jenna got me these two pocket sketchbooks about 10 yrs ago (this one was blank for yrs) and just last yr I started drawing again and with a new interest. When you love something or are curious about it, your love and attention will show somewhere in the art.

See what I mean ^ 😊.

I think I will do a little show of the completed book maybe next week.



Also read my thoughts on the poetry book, Field Work by Seamus Heaney.

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