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Field Work by Seamus Heaney

I think my expression captures the author’s expression in general.

My thoughts on Field Work by Seamus Heaney (1979), his 5th book and my 1st full read of his writing:

His poetry technique and style of writing is so appealing. This was kind of a hard book to read because it is so innovative in language, the writing’s techniques with so many devices that the meaning is accessible and layered, naturally metaphorical without a feeling of frills added just to do so, yet the subject themselves how he shows them can be hard to read at times.

The poet doesn’t hold back to express his more than grief for the deaths of his people in Belfast, Ireland, writing from where he has just left from there for the Wicklow countryside of Ireland, a more peaceful place. The symbolism and reference to Italy, Roman Catholic imagery or Greece in consistent motifs can be difficult as they’re often more positive or neutral symbolic or descriptive references placed in the poems in the context of murder and death in these very specific instances. It makes sense politically / historically, just a warning with detail.

The mood of this book is more somber than his other works that I’ve read, but also fired up in a way that is intriguing and compelling to read. A favorite quote even if I may not relate exactly in my own art “The end of art is peace.” I don’t agree with it but it is a very interesting statement to find some truths in and show the art in a way in the chaos.

Most poems are dedicated to people he knew who were killed. The poems sometimes follow a trad. form like triptych (three part) or a sonnet.

My favorite is “Glanmore Sonnets” and sound as a theme running through them, the way he writes poems is definitely noticeable…I am glad to read his very 1st book next. 💕—Jade

And I wonder if anyone got the copy I left:)

Seamus Heaney (1966), photo by Faber Books

My own “triptych poem”;) Self Portraits 3 ☘

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