blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Self Portrait: A Little Loss, Lots Gotten

yoga ‘til sleepy…I do recommend this 🙂

I have learned a lot about many little things, like laundry—Yes I have done plenty but now I like fashion, so there are more varieties and also plenty of not-a-good-fit returns to building a wardrobe this year. I found a new top I liked at the mall and add it to the collection to wash. I also lost an earring—but a good factor was that it was easily come off, and I’d liked the style but doubted the make. If you happened to spot it, that is rare! and maybe a little lucky. I am sorry I might’ve had some conversations with just 1 earring but chances are no one noticed! And I found a pair online to arrive that I am excited to receive.

I finished my sketchbook today! You may like to see my little pocket pine tree sketch I posted in that one, the concluding page of that book. I also wrote my thoughts out on a poetry book, a poet I’d recently re-found. I plan to spend some time sketching and drawing more daily now that springtime is very near. ☀️💕, Jade

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