Blush of Dawn is for poetry, literature, art, and music, and my own creative thoughts on all these varieties, illustrated with my own photos taken of my daily life and everyday findings.

I cherish poetic, antique books and treasures of the current time, a wide range of imaginative, symbolic artwork, and emotion-rich, Classical, or danceable music.

This blog is for telling of a life lived with passion and curiosity and is especially written for those who seek beauty and meaning in their everyday lives.




I’m Jade; I am an author, painter, and certified yoga teacher. My second book of poems A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame was published in March (2021).

My first book of poems was Moonflower (2018).

Here you will find a bit about me, my life, and what inspires me. (Maybe I will inspire you too, who knows.)

A few beginnings: I live in Massachusetts and am from Brooklyn, New York.

I am mostly human and very mythical too.

Besides creating art and teaching yoga, I love books to read📚, nature🍃, handwritten letters💌, spirituality😇, music🎶, tea☕️, and a good party🎊.


It is always helpful and greatly appreciated by me for you to leave a review of any of my book(s) you’ve read and thank you for reading!

email: jadenicolebeals [at] gmail