Welcome to Blush of Dawn. I’m Jade, a writer and painter, and author of two poetry collections, A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame (2021) and Moonflower (2018).

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This blog is kind of like a newspaper radio show combined with little everyday adventures of mine. I share literary and art history and art recommendations, along with creative reflections of what I’ve seen in books, poems, paintings, and music, antique and from our time, especially ones that enrich my days, illustrated with my own photos.

I cherish antique, poetic books of the past and present, danceable and Classical music, and abstract paintings, realism, dream scenes, and expressionism.

A few beginnings: I am from Brooklyn, New York where I earned a degree in English Literature and studied Philosophy and Creative Writing at Brooklyn College. I am certified to teach yoga, which along with meditation I’ve practiced for many years; my own yoga photos sometimes accompany my creative writing on the blog. I live in Massachusetts.

I am mostly human and very mythical too.

Besides creating art, I love books📚 to collect and read (and sometimes to press a flower inside), exploring nature 🍃, handwritten letters 💌, spirituality and dreams 😇, music 🎶, tea 🫖, and a good party🎊.

The top main menu links to my books and art to view, post subject cloud and blog post archive on the bottom of the page.

You can email me at jadenicolebeals [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. Thank you Tom! for your congrats 😀 There’d been uncertainty awhile, but for me the most important thing was writing (or creating), and following what felt meaningful: wanting to share somehow and enjoying books in general myself.

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