Blush of Dawn is for poetry, art, and telling of a life lived with passion and curiosity. It is for anyone who seeks beauty and meaning in everyday life.

I’m Jade; I am an author of poetry, painter, and certified yoga teacher. My second book of poems is now published: A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame by Jade Nicole Beals (2021).

My first book was Moonflower (2018). Here is a post about that book.

Here you will find a bit about me, my life, and what inspires me. (I hope to inspire you, too.)

A few beginnings: I live in Massachusetts and am from Brooklyn, New York.

Besides creating art and teaching yoga, I love books, nature, handwritten letters, spirituality, music, tea, and a good party.


It is always helpful and appreciated by me for you to leave a review of any book of mine you’ve read.