Books and Art: Sifting Through for the Best of Rumi, Kahlil Gibran Scare, and My Creative Plan for the Day

Sifting Through for the Best of Rumi I think I’d really confused and worked myself up with all that searching for the best select books of Rumi’s poetry translated into English! Wow. I’ve decided for now to enjoy the current two I have…The Rumi Collection and Hidden Music (my longtime favorite with incredible paintings that…… Continue reading Books and Art: Sifting Through for the Best of Rumi, Kahlil Gibran Scare, and My Creative Plan for the Day

A Dream from This…

I begin my dream I will hope to fall into, with the scent of the beach soothing me, surprising, such sweet suntan lotion warmed by the sun by my hands, in a book I’d found, softcover… and step into this photo I took tonight, the simplicity of night, white flowers, like jasmine flowers, the evening…… Continue reading A Dream from This…


Your presence creates another world, layered over this world…All of it is transparent…wondrous and original, isn’t it? Time is a glass containing all this, not seeing that it does, or what’s inside…I heard you, so I forgot to look if there was glass shielding this…There is, but the edges are useless. —Jade * #1

It’s Monday and the Right Rumi Has Arrived

May 23rd and continues a few days It’s Monday and the right Rumi has arrived. I’d sorted through editions, I found this pocket-like book containing that same 800 yrs ago poetry, but this time presented by various translators, the main editor’s aim to preserve Rumi’s original rhythm and conciseness. I could see that coming true…… Continue reading It’s Monday and the Right Rumi Has Arrived

Shakespeare Gets a Bath

(kind of) I have enjoyed the spa-like activity of lounging my legs and feet in the bathtub with warm water and soaps, not as a relaxation goal but it makes the skin softer and fragrant. In the meantime, I thought I’d bring Shakespeare’s play I got from the library, called Cymbeline, in to read with…… Continue reading Shakespeare Gets a Bath

Toward Me

These little yellow flowers flown upon the breeze landed on my lap tonight; I liked them…After a little while, I placed the strand of flowers in my purse to take home. Just a moment before the flowers, I’d realized I’d found the wrong edition / format Rumi for me, but it looks like the right…… Continue reading Toward Me

Not My Door (Whilst in the Middle of a Good Book)

I finished reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte (1853) last night, felt I could remain within its mists even after the book ended, a ponderous read that I feel safe within… I took these photos on the spot yesterday early afternoon walking around after reading, was still in the middle of Villette. 📷 … Not My…… Continue reading Not My Door (Whilst in the Middle of a Good Book)

These Hands…

In the post, A Note Found and a Bookmark and A Great First Art Show, I’d found some surprise things inside books, like a handwritten paper, so I decided to make up my own writing prompt with an idea I’d had…Whether you try this imaginary exercise or another, these free writes can be plenty of…… Continue reading These Hands…