A Day of Art Pleasantries

Dec. 16, ’21 pm I worked on the painting I had begun a sketch for at the library. The main subject I was very excited about I somehow didn’t get in that actual composition with little room left on the canvas and the finished painting when dry was a very disappointing sight. I was not…… Continue reading A Day of Art Pleasantries

Blushing Mornings, Angels, A 246th Yr Birthday Woman, and More

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings…back to back blush. Did you guess right? Would I choose a new book or one to reread? I chose Northanger Abbey, a novel to reread from many years ago, and I don’t remember the story, but it is delightful, and I’ll read more of it today. Jane Austen completed it in…… Continue reading Blushing Mornings, Angels, A 246th Yr Birthday Woman, and More

The Wind and the Raindrops

It is storming outside and warm and tranquil in my new library corner, a perfect place for a fairy woman to sit and try to learn how to like the sound of the wind, which popular opinion seems to enjoy more naturally…….❓😊☺️🙏 There are enough books on the shelves and space for more; I am…… Continue reading The Wind and the Raindrops

Little Stories from My Week: Black Book Untold, Your New Project Manager, & A Dream Unremembered…

Black Book Untold You might’ve seen a solid black book appear in some photos in a post. That book was not intentionally kept secret, but I completed the book and here’s a quick review with plenty of suspense for anyone who may want to read a new novel or even hear about one I just…… Continue reading Little Stories from My Week: Black Book Untold, Your New Project Manager, & A Dream Unremembered…

Such a Serenade

Fri., Dec. 10 ’21: featured post as Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon all align this evening; I added a little to the end as well. * Dec. 5 ’21 …Sitting in the lamplit little library corner in the night; this sweet red chair for someone small like me from the past and how the…… Continue reading Such a Serenade

A Note for Any Time

This post was originally supposed to be an apology to the world living or dead…it still appears for me and should be that. Please forgive me. I look now toward lighter, tangible things… the whirring fan, the softness of clothing, flowers dressed as themselves with elegance upon a plate on the bookshelf, so many beautiful…… Continue reading A Note for Any Time

My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

The still life painting, “Jasmine and Jewels” I completed, I’d been working on around the time of the medieval poet, Rumi’s birthday at the end of September from a sketch I’d drawn maybe weeks before. I’d shared a couple of favorite poems Rumi had written near his birthday, Sept. 30th ’21, and the first one…… Continue reading My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

All These Dream Flowers Displayed on Their Porcelain Plate

It is the day, Dec. 1st, in my calendar; it’s been a month of a book I’ve had holding these newest dream flowers and remaining closed ’til this morning, these flowers found and preserved for author May Ziadeh, with affection, after the title of her first poetry book in French, a new delight of mine…… Continue reading All These Dream Flowers Displayed on Their Porcelain Plate

This Ring

While writing poems for my third book, I’ve found it refreshing to look through traditional forms to try to write and include them along with my free verse poems. The first of those forms I tried to write for this book is a ghazal and it’s fit well with that form originating in the Middle…… Continue reading This Ring

My Sorrow

photo sun. nov. 28, am more words from nov. 25th… Keep singing, Cara, start up a little warmth in me; it’s warm how I’d like it in the room already. I wait to drink my golden flowers, as the sunrise lights up my tears— I keep them out of my cup; I wish it would…… Continue reading My Sorrow

An Idea for a Sketch

But first, I’d like a new color scheme for myself, not these two tops together. I restore this photo from yesterday and learn from that. I like each top on its own. (…Maybe I like the tops now? Maybe a necklace.) The eraser doesn’t need anything changed about it, but neither is it pictured in…… Continue reading An Idea for a Sketch

All Day Library Day

After lunch, I packed a bag, my purse, and canteen, and camped out at the library all day (it was a great time!) while construction was being done admirably at the apartment. 🙏💕Peeko’s been having the best time himself at home as he enjoys hands on projects and broadening his skillset. 🐱 I checked on…… Continue reading All Day Library Day

The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

This is the Ziade Palace where poet and author May Ziadeh lived (b. Feb 1886, d. Oct. 1941) in Lebanon. The green gate lead up to the upper floor of the palace and it was said May had lived on the first floor with the traditional balcony. These recent photos were kindly taken by writer…… Continue reading The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

A New Painting in the Making

(That you will hear of, not see in this particular post 🤫😊) I had forgotten to tell you, had only just hinted at…what my new leaf of choice to chew was: it’s parsley! 🌿😊And that discovery was such a relief and refreshment. I like chewing it more than basil and like the taste better for…… Continue reading A New Painting in the Making

Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

Update Jan. 13 ’22: As a practice I’d like to create new posts rather than amend past ones on the blog, like a newspaper in print, but this post has been on my mind as needing an additional note, and so I will make an exception, not remove anything written, even if I’ve moved now…… Continue reading Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

An Indelible Online Poetry Reading: Connection & Disconnection in The Ikea Age

so much blush these evenings & more this morning with the moon too 😘🌕 I attended Indelible Evenings as a guest on Wed. 11/17/21, an online reading hosted in Dubai that goes along with Indelible magazine in which two of my poems from my third book in progress will be published. Roula Maria-Dib is the…… Continue reading An Indelible Online Poetry Reading: Connection & Disconnection in The Ikea Age

Goodbye, Pride and Prejudice

But not goodbye, dear Jane Austen. I have more books available for me to read now and the fact that these pages were still coming loose as I was reading, coverless and curly binding disintegrating, no matter how tenderly I turned the pages, made actually putting a bookmark in it impossible. I don’t need to…… Continue reading Goodbye, Pride and Prejudice