Let’s Not Diagnose Each Other Unnecessarily

The rose is without why,it blooms because it blooms,It pays no attention to itself, asks not whether it is seen.Angelus SilesiusAttempting to improve oneself is not always harmful, although it can become a form of greed.  It can leave one wanting, leave one desiring, leave one without fulfillment.  Being a perfectionist and constantly trying to…… Continue reading Let’s Not Diagnose Each Other Unnecessarily

On Writing Small Stones (And A Few Of My Own)

It’s a challenge to write when we’re uninspired, when nothing extraordinary leaps out. Most of the time, the reason there is such a resistance to writing during these times is the expectation. There’s an expectation to write very well, to say something groundbreaking or different, and in the struggle to write something unique, we may…… Continue reading On Writing Small Stones (And A Few Of My Own)

Eternity. Traces. Color. Snow.

Here are some more small poems I’ve written for A River of Stones.1.7.11Perfect penmanship on the euthanasia record.My purring cat enters the ellipses…(This one I wrote for my cat, Midnight, who died recently. May he rest peacefully with God.)1.8.11glossy twilit fingerprintsyour spontaneous tracesjust as good asany autograph1.9.11first firework pop—bursting color and lightthese honest words1.10.11January light:melting…… Continue reading Eternity. Traces. Color. Snow.

How I Used To Pray

Dear God, Please help me to be much better, to never snap at others when I am frustrated, to not need rest, to gather every person in the entire world to you.  May my arms never become weak from the weight of this burden.  May I be perfect and proud of my perfection. I would…… Continue reading How I Used To Pray

Smoke, Sun, Light

Three more polished stones.1.4.11between curling candle smokemy little hope1.5.11 Memory of Sunthe boy’smuddyyellow capdropsinto thewaterfallagain1.6.11beholding our lightchatoyant siamese cat’s eyes— the blue day opens__Comment on the last stone: Finally, a 5-7-5 haiku (as long as you pronounce Siamese as two syllables, instead of three).  And thanks to Dictionary.com for a cool new word of the…… Continue reading Smoke, Sun, Light

A Pocket Full of Small Stones

This is my first time posting small stone poems for the January Challenge,  so here they are: *pours out my pocket full of small stones into your hands*1.1.11large bubbles risingin the cats’ water bowlthe last one lingers and snapslike yesterday1.2.11These are my hands.On my pinky,A red dot where skin heals.With these hands,I remember my tiny…… Continue reading A Pocket Full of Small Stones

This Is What I Wish For You

I look forward to this new year, a brand new chance to start again, a time of hope and mystery.  I plan to be more childlike this year, trusting God who is my Love and being present for others, loving them not with ignorance, but with wisdom and experience.  As the morning unfolds, patience and…… Continue reading This Is What I Wish For You

Imagining the Child

I wonder what the child will look like,Mary says to Elizabeth.From the warm kitchen,soup steam risesalong with the aroma of freshly cut flowers.A little like you, and like his Father, too,Elizabeth says.Like his Father? Have you lifted the veil?Just imagining, my dear.But not like Joseph,No, not like Joseph.Together, they laugh,cheeks blushing.___Merry Christmas to you!

If Love Is A Place

When someone allows you to see yourself and your world in a way that you could not see alone, it cannot be forgotten. It’s all about finding that light, and because of it, you discover both the strength and weakness within you. The light touches and warms your words.  It sings you to sleep.  It…… Continue reading If Love Is A Place

Dear Solitude

How I avoid you, how much I need you.  I know you are finally cleansing me of the burdens I place upon myself.  You free me of demands to keep busy, keep talking, keep reaching, keep doing.How bored I can become without the clang of conversation and the reassurance of others.  “Entertain me,” “Comfort me,”…… Continue reading Dear Solitude

My Favorite Fortune Cookie

I woke up this morning sniffly, slightly stressed, and feeling a bit lonely.  As I checked my email, my mood lifted and I felt a wave of happiness come over me when I saw I had seven unread messages.  No spam or business promotions, I had only messages from friends and responses to my blog…… Continue reading My Favorite Fortune Cookie

Like Mary

Today is a day of renewed faith.  Today I say, “I want faith like Mary’s,” and I imagine God smiling at me with his radiant, sun-like smile, taking my hand when I fall, forgiving me when I fail. Today, I imagine the glowing face of Mary, enamored by God.  I imagine the healing light surrounding…… Continue reading Like Mary