Dear You

Dear You,As I write this letter, I am trying to forget that you will read it, although I’d love to connect with you.  You see, when I’m writing and remember you, I want to hide the notebook under folders in my drawer, close the door, and meet you outside, arms crossed over my chest, a…… Continue reading Dear You


Do you remember the swings?  How we would fly.  The coolness in our throats.  I was freer then.  You’re free now.  But it’s different now.  The joy of going nowhere is nothing to me now.  Oh, look, the clocks are blinking 12:00, how funny.  It can’t be 12:00 for this long, can it?  Here, take…… Continue reading Swings

A List of Inspiring Things

 Paintings.  Monet.  Blurred edges, softness and sunlight, pink, ponds, windsong.Breathing.  The way the body breathes effortlessly, the way your breath can show you when you need to slow down; rapid, calm, deep and holy breath.Books.  Recent favorite: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.  Satisfying endings.  Poetic prose that you can taste and breathe and…… Continue reading A List of Inspiring Things

The Writing and the Life United

“Don’t over-think it,” says the muse within me.  “Let the words come honestly and freely, not with a certain drunkenness or avoidance, but with playfulness and clarity.”The critical one within me stifles my thoughts and keeps them stuck, unlike me, and untrue.  When I breathe well with a relaxed posture, Ludivico Einaudi’s passionate, contemplative piano…… Continue reading The Writing and the Life United