Wild Dreams, So Eager And Light

The moon has made its way into Aquarius, which was the sign May Ziadeh was born (who you have seen make a presence in the posts in the recent weeks; I let people and things be where they find themselves within my heart.) She was born on February 11, 1886, a hundred years before my…… Continue reading Wild Dreams, So Eager And Light

Letting In The Glow And Then The Moon Too

A WordPress Welcome Since I sailed away from Blogger Thursday night having safely gotten myself on solid ground as that ship was going down, I’d imported my posts to WordPress and left these words: ‘Be well, Blogger and farewell! I will remember our eleven years.’ And I have made a few changes to this blog…… Continue reading Letting In The Glow And Then The Moon Too

Breakfast and a Poem

the sky at sunset last night   During moments of waiting in the day, I had learned more about translating poetry by rereading my own first attempts with online translators and by coming across a different poem yesterday that had been beautifully translated by someone else.   This is my own newest translation of yesterday’s…… Continue reading Breakfast and a Poem

A Poem Drapes Over My Shoulders

Dressed and ready, as the sun is bright and one bird is whistling notes in the trees, I read again the poem that I read last night, the first from Dream Flowers (Fleurs de Reve) by May Ziadeh.This is the book I found accidentally then when I was looking online to see if there were…… Continue reading A Poem Drapes Over My Shoulders

A Note For The Morning

‘Rumi tea’ with a splash of almond milk named by me after the poet Last night I dreamed I was looking at this tea cup of mine I had found packed away with others just like it in the garage. I had thought then, ‘I don’t think I’d really like to drink out of a…… Continue reading A Note For The Morning


This post has been updated on 5/31/21: This poem was tagged as being by May Ziadeh, but like a lot of poems from the past that have been translated, there can be misinformation and sometimes the wrong author is credited. Since I’ve gotten pretty far into May’s first book of poems Dream Flowers, I decided to do…… Continue reading Mirrors

Inspired and Inspiring

May 10, 2021 Asian history, art, poetry, and tea, continue as we celebrate Asian Heritage Month. I have written about Kahlil Gibran, had read his poem aloud, “The Astronomer.” Maybe less known is a woman poet who inspired him and they became close through the letters they wrote each other even though they had not met in…… Continue reading Inspired and Inspiring

A Post You Can Listen To

I am talking about my current writing project and the creative process, just under 20 mins, meant to be relaxing. 🙂 You can click the link below to listen to it on SoundCloud completely free. Just to clarify, after I remembered it was poetry month in April coming up, I also forgot awhile and realized…… Continue reading A Post You Can Listen To

Please Don’t Eat A Moonflower, Or Be Saddened By Burned Up Honey

(Japanese Artwork)You might hear someone wonder aloud about how to understand poetry or its purpose; maybe you have, too. I believe that poetry can be appreciated naturally but is not really experienced only literally. Sometime after I thought of the title of this blog, Blush of Dawn and created it, I learned that pink skies in the…… Continue reading Please Don’t Eat A Moonflower, Or Be Saddened By Burned Up Honey