Wild Dreams, So Eager And Light

The moon has made its way into Aquarius, which was the sign May Ziadeh was born (who you have seen make a presence in the posts in the recent weeks; I let people and things be where they find themselves within my heart.) She was born on February 11, 1886, a hundred years before my…… Continue reading Wild Dreams, So Eager And Light

Letting In The Glow And Then The Moon Too

A WordPress Welcome Since I sailed away from Blogger Thursday night having safely gotten myself on solid ground as that ship was going down, I’d imported my posts to WordPress and left these words: ‘Be well, Blogger and farewell! I will remember our eleven years.’ And I have made a few changes to this blog…… Continue reading Letting In The Glow And Then The Moon Too

Breakfast and a Poem

the sky at sunset last nightDuring moments of waiting in the day, I had learned more about translating poetry by rereading my own first attempts with online translators and by coming across a different poem yesterday that had been beautifully translated by someone else.This is my own newest translation of yesterday’s poem by May Ziadeh…… Continue reading Breakfast and a Poem

A Note For The Morning

‘Rumi tea’ with a splash of almond milk named by me after the poet Last night I dreamed I was looking at this tea cup of mine I had found packed away with others just like it in the garage. I had thought then, ‘I don’t think I’d really like to drink out of a…… Continue reading A Note For The Morning