A Green Angel Nearby

Look, a green angel with me and my birthday cake. There were guests and these aren’t my drinks, but they decided not to be seen. No matter how many times I waved the flame, it wouldn’t go out. I think I maybe began singing some tune thinking that might help. Oh so nice, that pretty angel close…… Continue reading A Green Angel Nearby

BirthDay with PeeKo

Post #3, Me and Peeko.Peeko looked like he wanted to take a picture with me from his tower. In the morning, he walked up to me and pushed his head right into my forehead as soon as I woke up. Had a lot of words today and now some pictures.

Beginnings With Long Ago Cereal and Yoga

I have always loved cereal. I bought Frosted Mini Wheats as a birthday treat to have for breakfast today. And then I decided to do some yoga dance.Yoga Dance (choose highest quality)It is the first day of Pisces season.I will read poems today, as many as I can, until my mind is happily filled to the top,…… Continue reading Beginnings With Long Ago Cereal and Yoga