My Vacation with a Book, a Cup, and Plum Village

I am on vacation at home. After cleaning and vacuuming and hanging up the new laundry out of the dryer, I continued mindfulness practices on the Plum Village app this afternoon, a community I’d found years ago whose meditations and teachings I’ve found so clear and beautifully expressed and a very enjoyable app. Some of…… Continue reading My Vacation with a Book, a Cup, and Plum Village

May Days 😉

Last night was a struggle; I said good night to Jesus, told May I’d like to sing for her as soon as I am able…This morning, the sky. My gaze was looking downward awhile, drinking a cup of tea, then singing, suddenly looked up: I sent the sky so many kisses; I didn’t count them…😊😘😘😊…… Continue reading May Days 😉

It Could Be Gold or Silver or Green…Or Blush or Frost…

new kitchen towels 🙂☺️ The Year Begins with a Scare Excited to suddenly find recordings on YouTube of Edna St. Vincent Millay reading her poetry aloud herself, I decided to play the one on the blog for my cat Peeko one night since she’s been his favorite poet out of ones he’s heard, and like…… Continue reading It Could Be Gold or Silver or Green…Or Blush or Frost…

Morningtime, Considering Love Made Seen

at sunrise …Let them enjoy my smile, warm with the warmth you’d set within my heart…My willful efforts, my winding uncertainties, and my own voice are really indulging in this silence now: this silence filled with more understanding than space, but the best of them both. —Jade Nicole * May Ziadeh had written… …O my…… Continue reading Morningtime, Considering Love Made Seen

I Adore… Me reading poetry from the book, Hidden Music by Rumi, my own words about the book to follow in this post Jasmine and Jewels ~ recent painting of mine (2021) Dahlia, ‘Fascination’ my favorite flower whose name I just learned. An app identified it and that was first my guess😍Student of Nature I am…🌿…… Continue reading I Adore…


I painted her dress all new 😊 * My “Dream Flowers” for May Ziadeh, author of Fleurs de Reve * Hidden Music 📕A Christmas Carol 📗 evening… 🧧💕🙏😊🌲 Previously: Hidden Music Three Rumis in a Row Blushing Mornings, Angels, A 246th Yr Birthday Woman, and More

Three Rumis in a Row

When I go to a bookstore, like Barnes and Noble, or the library, I may check on some of my favorite poets: I found two books by the Persian author Rumi, b. Sept. 30, 1207, d. Dec. 17, 1273, who I have come to find nurturing and protective feelings towards as a (younger) brother of…… Continue reading Three Rumis in a Row

The Wind and the Raindrops

It is storming outside and warm and tranquil in my new library corner, a perfect place for a fairy woman to sit and try to learn how to like the sound of the wind, which popular opinion seems to enjoy more naturally…….❓😊☺️🙏 There are enough books on the shelves and space for more; I am…… Continue reading The Wind and the Raindrops

My Sorrow

photo sun. nov. 28, am more words from nov. 25th… Keep singing, Cara, start up a little warmth in me; it’s warm how I’d like it in the room already. I wait to drink my golden flowers, as the sunrise lights up my tears— I keep them out of my cup; I wish it would…… Continue reading My Sorrow

All Day Library Day

After lunch, I packed a bag, my purse, and canteen, and camped out at the library all day (it was a great time!) while construction was being done admirably at the apartment. 🙏💕Peeko’s been having the best time himself at home as he enjoys hands on projects and broadening his skillset. 🐱 I checked on…… Continue reading All Day Library Day

Goodbye, Pride and Prejudice

But not goodbye, dear Jane Austen. I have more books available for me to read now and the fact that these pages were still coming loose as I was reading, coverless and curly binding disintegrating, no matter how tenderly I turned the pages, made actually putting a bookmark in it impossible. I don’t need to…… Continue reading Goodbye, Pride and Prejudice

And I Hadn’t Gotten To That Part Yet

photo from 7/31/21 Yesterday, after I’d come inside from reading the novel, The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani, beneath pine trees near my home in Massachusetts, when I continued reading the novel that evening at home after I’d written about my reading experience in my previous blog post, I got to this part: Well,…… Continue reading And I Hadn’t Gotten To That Part Yet

Reading on My Kindle Beneath Age Old Pines in the Late Afternoon Sun Near Home

I read on my Kindle amidst little scampering sounds…first, of a deer running away into the forest beyond the fence when I arrived on the other side of it; I said quietly, “Would you like to hear a poem?” (waiting)…”I have no weapons.” …And in that forest, too, beyond the fence, as I began to…… Continue reading Reading on My Kindle Beneath Age Old Pines in the Late Afternoon Sun Near Home

Got On A Boat In A Book I Found, Made Me Laugh Aloud

Let’s just do words, no pictures today. 😊 The new book I began is incredibly good, by the author Ameen Rihani I’d discovered listed as one of the very few of May Ziadeh’s literary colleagues (or of people she knew in general) who had helped get her out of the horrific mental asylum in Lebanon…… Continue reading Got On A Boat In A Book I Found, Made Me Laugh Aloud

Memorable, Avec Musica

A really delightful surprise to come across another place for books to give and take, and I found two. 📙📙 I won’t try to name these now, but feel free. 😊 * Earlier Today: ‘Here Is Another’

‘Here is Another’

I found myself unraveling my own self and my days in the night with a tone of apology, had felt the kindest “Shhh…” I sit with tea to see the sky like this; I smile at being so spoiled but then there’s the subtle, ’Shhh’ 😊and more color brushed on…and the creamy lamplit walls and…… Continue reading ‘Here is Another’

There, A Rare Photo

Jan. 9, 2022 I have a conclusion! I believe May is the woman sitting in the front holding the baby. I looked through her other photos and noticed a beauty mark near her smile that shows in some photos…and the woman in the front shows the same! Also, May is looking away in most of…… Continue reading There, A Rare Photo

Your Sunday Picture Book

Mid-morning after we woke, Peeko was napping contentedly on the bed at sunrise. Here he was lounging just across from my living room chair facing where I would sit a few moments before I did (and where he doesn’t usually sit) and I knelt to take this photo of him at eye level before I…… Continue reading Your Sunday Picture Book

Starting The Week with A Heart Back Intact and Plenty of Soulful Imaginings

Hearing my audio poems; sometimes he’s a very fluffy bunny, and sometimes a slightly violent teddybear. Peeko’s Moon and a Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Truly Wise Book of Poems Over the weekend, Peeko sat by the book The Moon Before Morning like ’Read me more of these poems; it’s my moon!’ He is a Scorpio.…… Continue reading Starting The Week with A Heart Back Intact and Plenty of Soulful Imaginings

A Little Joy To Share and What’s Made Me Smile

The blush of dawn has been put back into the blog as you’d maybe seen. And the moon had been in many posts and is in the dawn now too as you can see, also yesterday, other side of sky. * I found that my cat Peeko’s dry food wasn’t right that I’d been getting…… Continue reading A Little Joy To Share and What’s Made Me Smile