Stepping Into a Novel Set in 1000 AD Like I’m In It Already

June 13, 2022 A beautifully unfolding novel I find myself at ease in the place and am amused to find myself sharing so many interests with the characters in this historical novel (set in Scotland about 1000 years earlier than our current time): Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King. I share with the characters interests…… Continue reading Stepping Into a Novel Set in 1000 AD Like I’m In It Already

Refreshed He Was, Said Peeko…

(in honor of Britney Spears) I could see Peeko was refreshed after a break from massive amounts of photo-taking from his well-meaning Paparazza Mom 📷☺️🧚‍♀️📸📷 and was wanting a post…🐱 “Yoga, you say? Let me show you how it’s done…” said Peeko. 🦁 “It goes like this.” 🐱🦁🐈 —Peeko

My Fun Critique of The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani, First Novel in English by An Arab-American Author

November 2021 I often almost forget the Pisces moon in my sign, but last night I glimpsed its sweet glimmering through the slim hallway window, still tall enough for me to see the moon aglow up high and the rain shimmering around it, before bed. *~ (This is my introduction that connects the book to…… Continue reading My Fun Critique of The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani, First Novel in English by An Arab-American Author


letting my hair begin to dry in morning sun and atmosphere I find myself feeling replenished and my balance more restored with great help from God and others and myself in my gratitude, simplifying my project focus and goals beforehand, pure coconut oil left-in for hair and skin and aromatherapy (it’s a fruit😊), and a…… Continue reading Replenished

And The Moon’s Shiny Tonight

It’s the Moon! You know it. A song came on my shuffle today, think my own Christmas thought, save it in my mind for a future post, keeping my hands off the blog, and then quickly check social media late that night to see Britney Spears has posted a Christmas picture. 🎄 I take a…… Continue reading And The Moon’s Shiny Tonight

What A Day Could Do, How Fun It Was…Continued

I don’t feel so great, so I listen to my Party playlist on shuffle, without the party or the dancing, just an everyday stroll kind of walk. I use natural New York variable speed walking moves to avoid all people for consideration even though I pass none, and find an open field…where my back begins…… Continue reading What A Day Could Do, How Fun It Was…Continued

What If?

I am in darkness trying to see the moon… I look up and it’s there, get my camera ready as it’s glimmering as a gold slice, and then behind a cloud it goes with perfect off-timing for me, so that I sit here (Am I sitting? Not really) with no photo. * Britney Spears, whose…… Continue reading What If?

It’s Tuesday: Get Your Coffee Cup

Well, it’s Wednesday now…but it wasn’t yesterday, when I was writing this. 😊 Today is Tuesday and I realize it would’ve been the day of May Ziadeh’s literary salon in Cairo which began in 1912. The sky was blushing this morning a moment after I woke as you can see in the first photo and…… Continue reading It’s Tuesday: Get Your Coffee Cup

Sweetly Tipsy and Fully Natural

I didn’t know if I’d truly stay off the blog for the moment of rest I’d wanted for the readers, but after I’d mentioned it I thought, I will keep that declared rest. Mid-morning yesterday, I felt my fingers wanting to type up some fast blog post but I let them rest for the time.…… Continue reading Sweetly Tipsy and Fully Natural

Not My Door

Out for a late Friday afternoon walk with my party playlist. And there might be a flow of Nicki ‘Barbia’ Minaj and then Britney. 💃🔥🎶 And my spontaneous theme: (Find a clear spot for)… Not My Door. 📷🎉😊 * And now actually begins that rest I’d offered you… 🧚‍♀️ * Today’s earlier posts: Galilean Lullaby…… Continue reading Not My Door

Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

It’s now my official Pop music face-off I’d hinted at in a post last Friday held on this Pisces moon with the two Sagittarius competitors, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj. I am the Pisces host who will highlight strengths✔️and not-so-strengths ❌of these two singers and their music. So, let’s begin the face-off 😊… Nicki’s lyrical…… Continue reading Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

Friday Night: Music, A Meal, and Maybe A Little Mayhem

I was listening to French Classical chamber music this morning as you may have seen on the blog today and then Bebe Rexha came on shuffle and soon I was dancing. Next played Britney Spears and I realized I’d not heard more of her musical catalogue and had heard of her recent estate struggle and…… Continue reading Friday Night: Music, A Meal, and Maybe A Little Mayhem