Kick off Fall with a Party

I like to celebrate things, including the start of a new season. And Fall begins tomorrow. I’d recently reconnected with my ninth grade English teacher online when I told her that I read a book by a poet: Louise Glück whom she’d recommended to me years ago and thanked her. She asked me if I…… Continue reading Kick off Fall with a Party

What If?

I am in darkness trying to see the moon… I look up and it’s there, get my camera ready as it’s glimmering as a gold slice, and then behind a cloud it goes with perfect off-timing for me, so that I sit here (Am I sitting? Not really) with no photo. * Britney Spears, whose…… Continue reading What If?

It’s Tuesday: Get Your Coffee Cup

Well, it’s Wednesday now…but it wasn’t yesterday, when I was writing this. 😊 Today is Tuesday and I realize it would’ve been the day of May Ziadeh’s literary salon in Cairo which began in 1912. The sky was blushing this morning a moment after I woke as you can see in the first photo and…… Continue reading It’s Tuesday: Get Your Coffee Cup

Another Word on Another Herb, and More

I have aimed to not write too many posts in one day for readers’ enjoyment, but will write a second if it’s a sort of timely occasion like this. And I’ll tell myself, ‘Put the blog down’ and I do. ☺️ I was glad when Dan came home today and mentioned he’d not gone to…… Continue reading Another Word on Another Herb, and More

Sweetly Tipsy and Fully Natural

I didn’t know if I’d truly stay off the blog for the moment of rest I’d wanted for the readers, but after I’d mentioned it I thought, I will keep that declared rest. Mid-morning yesterday, I felt my fingers wanting to type up some fast blog post but I let them rest for the time.…… Continue reading Sweetly Tipsy and Fully Natural

Not My Door

Out for a late Friday afternoon walk with my party playlist. And there might be a flow of Nicki ‘Barbia’ Minaj and then Britney. 💃🔥🎶 And my spontaneous theme: (Find a clear spot for)… Not My Door. 📷🎉😊 * And now actually begins that rest I’d offered you… 🧚‍♀️ * Today’s earlier posts: Galilean Lullaby…… Continue reading Not My Door

Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

It’s now my official Pop music face-off I’d hinted at in a post last Friday held on this Pisces moon with the two Sagittarius competitors, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj. I am the Pisces host who will highlight strengths✔️and not-so-strengths ❌of these two singers and their music. So, let’s begin the face-off 😊… Nicki’s lyrical…… Continue reading Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

Friday Night: Music, A Meal, and Maybe A Little Mayhem

I was listening to French Classical chamber music this morning as you may have seen on the blog today and then Bebe Rexha came on shuffle and soon I was dancing. Next played Britney Spears and I realized I’d not heard more of her musical catalogue and had heard of her recent estate struggle and…… Continue reading Friday Night: Music, A Meal, and Maybe A Little Mayhem