My Lips Are A Little More Sealed

Am I speaking things that together with the listener brings me down in their reply? I don’t continue to share, I treasure them myself, or when someone else wants to know more, and the frustration dissipates in time; ties to the world and spiritual world and my own self soothe me. There are other things…… Continue reading My Lips Are A Little More Sealed

A Day of Rest I’d Finally Kept and Piano Music With Great Company

Yesterday was a rest for me I actually kept, a solitary one that soon felt not so solitary. I thought of this musician Erik Satie I’d heard of many years ago and not at all since then. I liked his music better now and I loved this piano one of his, Gnossienne No. 7 and…… Continue reading A Day of Rest I’d Finally Kept and Piano Music With Great Company

Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon

Aww, Peeko was smiling at me. :)Practicing yoga while pretending to be a snow fairy.Sun: PiscesMoon: CancerVenus: PiscesThe horoscope I wrote for myself :)You will be a great mess of emotion that some people will crush into little paint and glittery pieces to make DIY projects for their house of which they will be exceedingly…… Continue reading Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon

Earth And Water

 Akaal by Ajeet Kaur (feat. Trevor Hall)An uplifting, meditative song including the singer from the previous post, Ajeet Kaur with a pleasant blend of genres and languages.Grass. Soil. Trees. Flowers. Mountains. Streams. Rivers. The Ocean. Lakes. Rain. Pisces. Scorpio. Cancer.Capricorn. Taurus. Virgo.*Courage isn’t the vanquishment or absence of anxiety, but the knowledge that something greater than fear…… Continue reading Earth And Water