Letting In The Glow And Then The Moon Too

A WordPress Welcome Since I sailed away from Blogger Thursday night having safely gotten myself on solid ground as that ship was going down, I’d imported my posts to WordPress and left these words: ‘Be well, Blogger and farewell! I will remember our eleven years.’ And I have made a few changes to this blog…… Continue reading Letting In The Glow And Then The Moon Too

The Waves Rolled In…

This picture shows the copy I got from the library but it is on my wishlist as a book to keep.“The waves rolled in…and now come rushing in…with water luminescent as sea glass, stirring the far off, softest sand and what lies in between…” This is not a quote from the book, but the start of something…… Continue reading The Waves Rolled In…

How The Sky Was Seen Then And The Sky Now

The first post today was “More Fairy Adventures.”I’m not actually going to throw this book out the window. But I will tell you about it. :)I have finished reading The Sky Atlas by Edward Brooke-Hitching, which is an overview of sky thoughts and observations beginning a bit prehistorically and mostly focusing on written records of astronomy starting…… Continue reading How The Sky Was Seen Then And The Sky Now

Sun and Moon

 I was catching the sun this morning, or at least trying toChinese New Year is this Friday, also known as Lunar New YearIt was still sunny late afternoon, rare sort of thingWasn’t sure what to thinkIt is a Capricorn moon It has shut me up in a good way 🙂 I am listening

Earth And Water

 Akaal by Ajeet Kaur (feat. Trevor Hall)An uplifting, meditative song including the singer from the previous post, Ajeet Kaur with a pleasant blend of genres and languages.Grass. Soil. Trees. Flowers. Mountains. Streams. Rivers. The Ocean. Lakes. Rain. Pisces. Scorpio. Cancer.Capricorn. Taurus. Virgo.*Courage isn’t the vanquishment or absence of anxiety, but the knowledge that something greater than fear…… Continue reading Earth And Water