My Sorrow

photo sun. nov. 28, am more words from nov. 25th… Keep singing, Cara, start up a little warmth in me; it’s warm how I’d like it in the room already. I wait to drink my golden flowers, as the sunrise lights up my tears— I keep them out of my cup; I wish it would…… Continue reading My Sorrow

Long Ago Lyrics Sung with Piano

Cara Dillon has been my favorite Celtic singer-songwriter for about fifteen years and this is one of my favorite songs and performances of hers, a traditional ballad thought to be of Scottish origin and popular in the 18th century in the US as well. I’ve seen Cara’s singing become more finely attuned over time and…… Continue reading Long Ago Lyrics Sung with Piano

A Very Good Secret

I found a garden, but it was a secret. 🤫😊🗝 ‘You see this pine tree so ‘small in stature’ that I can almost reach its top? It’s pitiful isn’t it, Bibtee?’ ☺️🧚‍♂️ 💙 * * * I cooked this dinner tonight…a recipe had appeared right up top as I was pressing publish on my ‘toppled…… Continue reading A Very Good Secret

‘What’s Closest to The Heart Comes Out, You’ll Hear It’

As a poet and artist and someone who hasn’t been very musically talented herself (and very embarrassingly so), I’ve found a deep appreciation for Irish Celtic music for many years, letting it pour into me as I listen and sometimes it may find its subtle way into my own art. I especially like songs with…… Continue reading ‘What’s Closest to The Heart Comes Out, You’ll Hear It’

Lift My Feet Right Off The Ground

A second post today. The first was “If You Find Valentine’s Day Lacking Originality.”I feel that Valentine’s Day is basically like someone saying, “Okay, you are going to throw me a surprise party at this day and time.” If you like things already decided you might like that, understood of course. I still appreciate time…… Continue reading Lift My Feet Right Off The Ground

If You Find Valentine’s Day Lacking Originality

Taken just near my home this past spring :)If you find Valentine’s Day lacking originality or a little too predictable in your newsfeed, St. Patrick’s Day is next to come.I am Italian not Irish, but I remember learning about Ireland as a child and immediately looking for four leaf clovers in any patch of grass…… Continue reading If You Find Valentine’s Day Lacking Originality

Building A Bridge

I discovered traditional Celtic music about 15 years ago when I was 19, had first found Kate Rusby, a British singer, and then some Irish ones. I liked Kate’s songs also because her vocal range is not too high or low for me to sing too, and the traditional songs often tell a story with…… Continue reading Building A Bridge