May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

library corner this afternoon by the window This morning I was very excited to take out the newest flower that had been pressed for a month in a closed book on the shelf (without me intentionally looking; one day I opened the book to read and happened to see it; placed it back.) 🤫It’s a…… Continue reading May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

Two Dreams I Fell Into, and Then Out, and Another

October 15, ’21 …And apparently this post appeared in the night and then had fallen right off the blog by the morning… … Tuesday afternoon. Memorable it was to breathe into the sweet center of that flower on my way to continue the rest of my walk today… Maybe I will learn what kind of…… Continue reading Two Dreams I Fell Into, and Then Out, and Another

Galilean Lullaby

a post from the archives🎶 As I’ve been adding songs to a playlist titled ‘Music for May,’ as in the author May Ziadeh, the list has 74 songs currently, so freely found among ones I’d already known and a few new ones. I also found Chopin mentioned in her poetry book Flowers of a Dream…… Continue reading Galilean Lullaby