My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

The still life painting, “Jasmine and Jewels” I completed, I’d been working on around the time of the medieval poet, Rumi’s birthday at the end of September from a sketch I’d drawn maybe weeks before. I’d shared a couple of favorite poems Rumi had written near his birthday, Sept. 30th ’21, and the first one…… Continue reading My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

An Idea for a Sketch

But first, I’d like a new color scheme for myself, not these two tops together. I restore this photo from yesterday and learn from that. I like each top on its own. (…Maybe I like the tops now? Maybe a necklace.) The eraser doesn’t need anything changed about it, but neither is it pictured in…… Continue reading An Idea for a Sketch

All Day Library Day

After lunch, I packed a bag, my purse, and canteen, and camped out at the library all day (it was a great time!) while construction was being done admirably at the apartment. 🙏💕Peeko’s been having the best time himself at home as he enjoys hands on projects and broadening his skillset. 🐱 I checked on…… Continue reading All Day Library Day

The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

This is the Ziade Palace where poet and author May Ziadeh lived (b. Feb 1886, d. Oct. 1941) in Lebanon. The green gate lead up to the upper floor of the palace and it was said May had lived on the first floor with the traditional balcony. These recent photos were kindly taken by writer…… Continue reading The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

A New Painting in the Making

(That you will hear of, not see in this particular post 🤫😊) I had forgotten to tell you, had only just hinted at…what my new leaf of choice to chew was: it’s parsley! 🌿😊And that discovery was such a relief and refreshment. I like chewing it more than basil and like the taste better for…… Continue reading A New Painting in the Making

A Room for Reading, Tea, the Sky, and Dreaming…

One new photo added Mon., Nov. 22This bedroom in progress has new recent changes shown today as it is becoming its fullest meditative sanctuary. There are books shown on the shelves you’ve not heard of yet and ones I’ve not read yet myself. And personal decorations, such as Dan’s father’s mother, Grammie’s corn husk dolls…… Continue reading A Room for Reading, Tea, the Sky, and Dreaming…

Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

This is not simply a woman I am unhappy with, but much more than that; it is the way this woman lived her life…It was a long earthly life, too and hurt felt not by herself but by the other people hurt by her behavior that she justified with her gently poisoned perspective. Mary Haskell,…… Continue reading Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

Goodbye, Pride and Prejudice

But not goodbye, dear Jane Austen. I have more books available for me to read now and the fact that these pages were still coming loose as I was reading, coverless and curly binding disintegrating, no matter how tenderly I turned the pages, made actually putting a bookmark in it impossible. I don’t need to…… Continue reading Goodbye, Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice… Pages Still Setting Free in my Hands

…Checks calendar for today’s date…✔️😅 Time ?🕰☀️⏳…Considers guest: Nah😉 In bedroom library corner, plenty of sky to see through these clean windows by me worthy of highest praise, tea cup from which I’ve just drank, just now empty, now too, pins in place the front pages that may come undone in my hands unexpectedly, ones…… Continue reading Pride and Prejudice… Pages Still Setting Free in my Hands

I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

…I still photoed it a moment outside on the balcony…I don’t feel frustrated as if it should show apart from the tree; it is sweet like that & even a little teasingly. I painted early evening…🎨I found so many new and different colors that complemented each other and could be part of the new painting…… Continue reading I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

Good Morning

I purposely sit nearest the morning sun in a new seat, with a cup, not my porcelain tea cup from home, and with green tea. I am painting a canvas, too…that has the colors and soft, caressing touch of a dream I would give to you as a gift, almost like a leisurely glide through…… Continue reading Good Morning


a recent photo luxuriously flaunting his longness… Peeko knew it was his birthday today as soon as dawn’s waking, he ran! into the bedroom (instead of walking) as I was awakening and looked up at me with great attention and excitement, and with a hint of baby sweetness, and then he leapt onto the new…… Continue reading 7!

“Sign Language” Remix!

Peeko’s new favorite song release…for his own bowl bed of choice seated performance ((& if you wonder what the blog’s about…)) We got poets, cups, windows, glasses, tea pots, lamps, moons, sky-watchings. Sonnets, plums, darkness, soups, low profile chairs, highly affectionate heavenly ghosts. Flower surprise growing up in the dirt, chocolate dark as earth,…… Continue reading “Sign Language” Remix!

The Excitement of Things You Already Have: #3 Space and Simplicity

Emptied big container that I didn’t need there…felt the lift of a burden, the space open and air flow. Added many cans to my pantry and packed two durable bags ready for donation drive. Wiped away tiny white paint splatters from a past paint session easily off the floor, came off with water, can also…… Continue reading The Excitement of Things You Already Have: #3 Space and Simplicity

Let The Literary Salon Begin…

Let the literary salon begin with heavenly host, May… Announcements: I had a post series in mind and yet as I’d review it I would see the other poets had already had positive expressions after their critics’ criticisms on this blog. I’ve often be a little unintentionally careless with the poet Rumi, sometimes having deleted…… Continue reading Let The Literary Salon Begin…

Farewell, My Dear Strawberries and A New View

I said farewell to my strawberry plants yesterday afternoon.😢(They had a rough time in my care, even if I’d tried.) I’d blessed them with the sign of the cross and then upon myself for equal empathy, with a word of comfort and goodbye as I went back inside….I also took down the hooks with the…… Continue reading Farewell, My Dear Strawberries and A New View


letting my hair begin to dry in morning sun and atmosphere I find myself feeling replenished and my balance more restored with great help from God and others and myself in my gratitude, simplifying my project focus and goals beforehand, pure coconut oil left-in for hair and skin and aromatherapy (it’s a fruit😊), and a…… Continue reading Replenished