Morningtime, Considering Love Made Seen

at sunrise …Let them enjoy my smile, warm with the warmth you’d set within my heart…My willful efforts, my winding uncertainties, and my own voice are really indulging in this silence now: this silence filled with more understanding than space, but the best of them both. —Jade Nicole * May Ziadeh had written… …O my…… Continue reading Morningtime, Considering Love Made Seen

In 2021, I Just Happened to Find a Dance to Take Us into 1921

Grandma Shirley knew about this free dance gathering with a band, including especially good Swing music, and as she’d practiced ballroom and line dancing before and I hadn’t, I asked her if she wanted to dance to this song.I don’t have dance lesson experience or knew the dances they were doing but it wasn’t a…… Continue reading In 2021, I Just Happened to Find a Dance to Take Us into 1921

Just Ran Into A 70s Soul Pool Party

No, I didn’t crash it; but the party was starting! That’s what life is: some random surprises and a chance to dance, if you wish to. My own film I filmed myself. * Up to date with what this blog’s about & brighter lit photos with some little fairy wands: About Previously about…… Continue reading Just Ran Into A 70s Soul Pool Party

The First Strawberry

I was preparing to pick the one new strawberry in a long while 🙏🙂and split it in half to share with you, but then I saw there were actually two strawberries.🍓🍓 But then I just picked one anyway. So I celebrated the strawberry. Post-millennium Renaissance woman variation. Dance! It’s time to. But don’t drop the…… Continue reading The First Strawberry

Winter Solstice Medieval Style Yoga Celebration

Post from the Archive featured! (‘cause I was always looking for a new reason to wear this Celtic Medieval Lady halloween costume I got last year, posted on 12/21/20, and I will wear it again sometime without a reason.) The medieval poet star of the blog, Rumi would’ve been 19 yrs old at the time…… Continue reading Winter Solstice Medieval Style Yoga Celebration