Beyond Fear

Today I took a step away from fear, and into nature. I moved close, closer than before, to the flowers and trees that were here before I arrived at this house, and I tried to create art with my camera.Letting go of fear and tuning into God, I found that the honey bees buzzing around…… Continue reading Beyond Fear

Why I Write Stories—My Response Surprised Me!

For months and months, hours, days, and months skidded past me, and I was reluctant to sit down at my writing desk and dream my stories onto paper. I felt distracted by my environment, which has recently changed, but even more so, I felt distracted by my thoughts and motivations. I kept asking myself, why…… Continue reading Why I Write Stories—My Response Surprised Me!


Love is emotional: trust is intuitive.Emotions go on changing every moment — they are in a flux; you cannot rely upon them — but trust can become a great foundation. Love helps you to reach to the place where trust is possible. Without love, trust is not possible. Love is almost like a bridge which can…… Continue reading Trust

Give, Receive, Release

What I’ve Received:  This weekend brought time with family; my husband and I went to his grandparents’ house and they lent me a pile of books. (You might remember a post I wrote titled Reading Over My Shoulder.  In that post, I quoted from Gladys Hasty Carroll, the author of one the books Grammy lent…… Continue reading Give, Receive, Release

Five Minute Friday: Beautifully Brave

This is my first time participating in Five Minute Friday hosted by The Gypsy Mama.  The rules are to write for five minutes without editing or over-thinking your writing.  It’s like “finger painting with words.”  I wrote this exercise by hand first and then typed it up.***I am brave.  I am cowardly.  Could it be…… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Beautifully Brave

Thoughts Over Tea

I spend the evening with a pot of tea and some poetry.  I listen to water flowing over pebbles, the sound of my breathing, the room dimly lit with the gentle golden glow of a desktop lantern.Early this morning, a cardinal waited for a pause in the snowfall before she left her hiding place; I…… Continue reading Thoughts Over Tea

"If I Was in the Boat with Jesus" featured on Community of Catholic Bloggers

A previous post of mine was published today on Community of Catholic Bloggers.To read it, please click If I was in the Boat with Jesus.  Thank you! Hope you’re all having a fun-filled and/or relaxing Sunday! God bless you. 🙂 :)*P.S.  I have updated my “about” page and have a slightly new header and color…… Continue reading "If I Was in the Boat with Jesus" featured on Community of Catholic Bloggers