A Rhythm of Yours

2 songs https://youtu.be/lq4bGpytfVY lyrics: WANDERING —by Courtney Hartman Your generous heart changed me Listening to the songs you sing About loving, imperfectly But loving just the same Singing, we can make a life of being free We can make a life of you and me We can make a life of wandering And the wandering…… Continue reading A Rhythm of Yours

Five Favorite Songs and a Tea

“Ain’t it crazy what’s revealed when you’re not looking all that close?” https://youtu.be/GQqkHsEAQWk Over the Rhine – Jesus in New Orleans 🔥💕🎶 https://youtu.be/ET9sVTJoFm8 Over the Rhine – Bothered …🌊💕 https://youtu.be/YRNyamyBOIQ Masked Wolf – Astronaut in the Ocean.. My own review of 🍃”Ali Shan”🫖 green oolong tea from Adagio: Sweet, dewy and refreshing! Takes you to…… Continue reading Five Favorite Songs and a Tea

Singing with the Morning Sun

I left out a good note when I posted this; I posted it for the essence of the moment, not for my singing! 😊 https://videopress.com/v/6NkNi8l2?resizeToParent=true&cover=true&preloadContent=metadata A clip from this morning when I was singing “The Sway,” the singer-songwriter, Joan Shelley’s song, along with her recording…to Peeko as the morning began and he fell asleep so…… Continue reading Singing with the Morning Sun

Such a Serenade

Fri., Dec. 10 ’21: featured post as Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon all align this evening; I added a little to the end as well. * Dec. 5 ’21 …Sitting in the lamplit little library corner in the night; this sweet red chair for someone small like me from the past and how the…… Continue reading Such a Serenade

All These Songs Woven with the Zodiac

More music I am listening to…a recent favorite song I play often is ”Don’t Go” by Skrillex, Justin Bieber, and Jon Tolliver. I know I share a lot of music on the blog sung by women singers; I am much more selective with men’s voices and lyrics…I think Justin Bieber’s my current favorite male singer…… Continue reading All These Songs Woven with the Zodiac

What The Critics Said and What That Might Mean To You: Rumi

Ah, refreshment, and fixings. 😊And then comes a pause for reflection… It’s a Libra moon currently 🌒and so I will start with the section I wrote about Rumi, and who was also chronologically the first poet discovered by me of these. From medieval Persia born in the 13th century, September 30, 1207, and best-selling poet…… Continue reading What The Critics Said and What That Might Mean To You: Rumi

The Lost Girl

Good afternoon, I didn’t know if I would really go away. 😊But I did. And I am back now to tell you about a novel I’ve completed that I’d mentioned before I left, The Lost Girl by D.H. Lawrence, and I won’t spoil plot or suspense for readers. I’d just recently found the novel in…… Continue reading The Lost Girl