Felt the Nudge of Intuition and Looked On To Find Some Great Discoveries in My Life

This is a photo of the Italian composer Boccherini and part of my Chamber Classical Music Playlist and Music for May. I was delighted to see we share a birthday on February 19! But his is 1743. I loved his chamber music (music for a small room) like his flute quintets, and that is a…… Continue reading Felt the Nudge of Intuition and Looked On To Find Some Great Discoveries in My Life

The Moon and Surprise Live Violin Music

The moon beside the window before it moved on or a cloud moved in for the darkness that brings deep, satisfying rest. I was so surprised to hear another live electric violinist, this time by the supermarket where I’d never seen any performers, and I really loved this song I videoed, complimented the playing and…… Continue reading The Moon and Surprise Live Violin Music

Surprise Mascot and A Return to Daily Life

In my first Blog Show video, I planned to talk about how I don’t know anything about football or care for it (although I’ve requested quick crash courses to just fail) for no planned reason, but the topic didn’t come up. I didn’t know the Patriots would be here yesterday evening at a free outdoors…… Continue reading Surprise Mascot and A Return to Daily Life

The Lost Girl

Good afternoon, I didn’t know if I would really go away. 😊But I did. And I am back now to tell you about a novel I’ve completed that I’d mentioned before I left, The Lost Girl by D.H. Lawrence, and I won’t spoil plot or suspense for readers. I’d just recently found the novel in…… Continue reading The Lost Girl

After Pistachio, A Silent Film

I now present you with my silent film, in the moment written, directed & starred by me—‘After Pistachio.’ And you can mute it if you wish for extra peacefulness. 😊 https://videopress.com/v/Qj42S561?resizeToParent=true&preloadContent=metadata 🙏😊💗

You May Now Have a Strawberry and Hand-Picked Poetry

6:32 pm: Tuesday’s note actually appears There it is, the strawberry I’d offered you that is now ripe and ready to eat; the plants are safely secured, not swinging in a possible storm, and it happens to have two other surprise strawberries with it to ripen later—Here, enjoy it! And this is my review I’d…… Continue reading You May Now Have a Strawberry and Hand-Picked Poetry

Introducing My Mom, Joanie Rose

These are photos of her from these recent months. You might have met my mom first in my poetry—No, she wasn’t the mom in ‘A Daughter Says’ in Moonflower (2018), that poem’s situation was fictional, but she was very featured in ‘Renaissance’, the opening poem in my latest poetry book, published this Mar. 2021 A…… Continue reading Introducing My Mom, Joanie Rose

A Capricorn Moon upon Gibran

Yesterday’s middle post, ‘Clouds and a Light Drizzle…’ linked at the end, has now been fixed to show featured image. I don’t think Gibran has had an actual moon on the blog, and unplanned by me the Lebanese Pitas were requested again, and I cooked the dinner again falling on the Capricorn moon of Gibran’s…… Continue reading A Capricorn Moon upon Gibran

It’s Tuesday: Get Your Coffee Cup

Well, it’s Wednesday now…but it wasn’t yesterday, when I was writing this. 😊 Today is Tuesday and I realize it would’ve been the day of May Ziadeh’s literary salon in Cairo which began in 1912. The sky was blushing this morning a moment after I woke as you can see in the first photo and…… Continue reading It’s Tuesday: Get Your Coffee Cup

Another Word on Another Herb, and More

I have aimed to not write too many posts in one day for readers’ enjoyment, but will write a second if it’s a sort of timely occasion like this. And I’ll tell myself, ‘Put the blog down’ and I do. ☺️ I was glad when Dan came home today and mentioned he’d not gone to…… Continue reading Another Word on Another Herb, and More

A Morning So New

Here in my new spot to sit with tea in the living room on a morning with sun—tilt the chair beside the window, set down the cup upon the tea towel on the side table and be in the light. It’s a very sleepy morning, but a beautiful one anyway. The sky, how it looked…… Continue reading A Morning So New

A Very Good Secret

I found a garden, but it was a secret. 🤫😊🗝 ‘You see this pine tree so ‘small in stature’ that I can almost reach its top? It’s pitiful isn’t it, Bibtee?’ ☺️🧚‍♂️ 💙 * * * I cooked this dinner tonight…a recipe had appeared right up top as I was pressing publish on my ‘toppled…… Continue reading A Very Good Secret

A Photo Walk Inside

And the rest for readers will begin now… Hi and welcome 😊🙏. A saltwater floral candle lit on the mantle, a ‘vintage’ Target purchase—most candles last a long time as I don’t light mine so long that it destroys the senses when you were truly just hoping for some soothing relaxation. Subtly beach antique without…… Continue reading A Photo Walk Inside

Sweetly Tipsy and Fully Natural

I didn’t know if I’d truly stay off the blog for the moment of rest I’d wanted for the readers, but after I’d mentioned it I thought, I will keep that declared rest. Mid-morning yesterday, I felt my fingers wanting to type up some fast blog post but I let them rest for the time.…… Continue reading Sweetly Tipsy and Fully Natural

I’ve Failed in My Nature Studies But I Don’t Give Up

My new basil plant. The first one I’d gotten early this summer toppled over as soon as I’d unwrapped it. This new one was bright green and standing tall on Monday when I happily unwrapped it at home, watered it with cool water, and it collapsed instantly. (Heard it was temperature shock.) This morning I…… Continue reading I’ve Failed in My Nature Studies But I Don’t Give Up

Blush and Plenty of It

The sky was azure blue when I woke and I said good morning. I sometimes practice saying ‘May’, with emphasis on the y accent for fun as I can spell a word now in a new language, her name: مي. She painted the sky just then with plenty of blush (I know in heaven a…… Continue reading Blush and Plenty of It

My Poems, A Budding Playlist, and a Very Practical Thing

The eighteen poems I’d written since April I’ve found complete as of last night and I can continue submitting to magazines all of them now as I write more for my next book. There was a storm last night, no thunder, a little wind and rain, and I read my last-to complete-poem with the note…… Continue reading My Poems, A Budding Playlist, and a Very Practical Thing

Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

It’s now my official Pop music face-off I’d hinted at in a post last Friday held on this Pisces moon with the two Sagittarius competitors, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj. I am the Pisces host who will highlight strengths✔️and not-so-strengths ❌of these two singers and their music. So, let’s begin the face-off 😊… Nicki’s lyrical…… Continue reading Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

Friday Night: Music, A Meal, and Maybe A Little Mayhem

I was listening to French Classical chamber music this morning as you may have seen on the blog today and then Bebe Rexha came on shuffle and soon I was dancing. Next played Britney Spears and I realized I’d not heard more of her musical catalogue and had heard of her recent estate struggle and…… Continue reading Friday Night: Music, A Meal, and Maybe A Little Mayhem