In the Deep, Expectant Dark

In the Deep, Expectant Dark for May Ziadeh I cried my tears. I cried your tears on your behalf. I cried in the places where your tears melted and trickled toward mine. I felt your fears and my themes passing through me and on… I looked into your years, and wants, and poetry. That night,…… Continue reading In the Deep, Expectant Dark

Capricious by May Ziadeh

A poem written by May Ziadeh under her penname Is. Copia from her first book of poetry, Flowers in a Dream or Fleurs de Reve (1911), translated by me from the French into English. When I’d come upon this book of poetry of hers online by surprise last May, I’d decided to read just one…… Continue reading Capricious by May Ziadeh

A Letter to My Missing Sunglasses

Dear Sunglasses I Lost (Maybe 6 Months Ago), Where did you go? I last saw you near my home—I think I’d put you down by the forest and forgot you there, but I can’t be too sure. The only animal I could think of might’ve taken you was a fox…I’ve never seen a fox, with…… Continue reading A Letter to My Missing Sunglasses