Tell Me About You

There might have been a small overflow of posts from 10 yrs ago or more come up in your email from the blog this weekend from when I was updating my WordPress plan…These were posts mysteriously restored and not an avalanche of relevant news, my apologies. I wrote this About Me yesterday to share on…… Continue reading Tell Me About You

“As If I Had Been the Harp Then and the Hidden Music”

—for Miss May Ziadeh You were close to me last night with your compassion and how you were cherishing me; I felt the feather-soft way your fingers moved through my hair, the shape of your hands familiar and welcome…You placed your face close to mine and whispered in my ear a little while, quick soft…… Continue reading “As If I Had Been the Harp Then and the Hidden Music”


…as if I’d dreamed the tea cup, but found it first and remembered the dream in my own fancy when I received it and picked it up in my hands and looked… The design is just what I would wish…Green I often turn to and admire, green that feels like new sprouts and grass and…… Continue reading …*


*It isn’t always easy to know who will enjoy a certain secret with me or which one they may like. *If someone doesn’t like my secret it isn’t taken away from me then but it may feel like it. *Secrets are always safe in poetry and fiction. *I use the word secret lightly to mean…… Continue reading Secrets

‘Please Forgive Me’—Rumi

I found the book I must’ve opened some months ago that wasn’t at the store last week; it wasn’t there but I see it in my above photo, so I know what to look for…I think it was Rumi: The Book of Love. 🙏💕📖 —Jade …from another book, a poem by Rumi …The miracle-signs: you…… Continue reading ‘Please Forgive Me’—Rumi

A Letter to My Missing Sunglasses

Dear Sunglasses I Lost (Maybe 6 Months Ago), Where did you go? I last saw you near my home—I think I’d put you down by the forest and forgot you there, but I can’t be too sure. The only animal I could think of might’ve taken you was a fox…I’ve never seen a fox, with…… Continue reading A Letter to My Missing Sunglasses

Many a Thing…(A Trip to the Antiques Shop)

Tues. Apr. 12, 2022 photo from Tues., Apr. 5th—“Pants by Peeko 🐱,” a perfectly good hemming this time, Peeko helping on his own when I got the pants ready (just ‘loungewear’, shown in previous post.) He was proud of both the task and his own joke: sitting like this holding the pants in place and…… Continue reading Many a Thing…(A Trip to the Antiques Shop)

On Reading a Novel that Feels Far Away: Being Near to Your Own Feelings, Being an Adventurer

I find that this was a reaction I’d not normally had when reading a novel…and by the end the reaction changes; you’ll see…It’s been helpful for viewing the mind in general without strict expectations: I may read a novel and feel drawn to and lulled by the style of writing, the tranquility and ease of…… Continue reading On Reading a Novel that Feels Far Away: Being Near to Your Own Feelings, Being an Adventurer

The Excitement of Finding Things You Already Had: #1

Well, I decided to find new table mats and to replace the ones I’d burned a little years ago with a frying pan maybe twice and hadn’t picked them out specifically, also saw I wanted more color and softness. These handwoven placemats and this vintage napkin holder I found on Etsy arrived yesterday morning and…… Continue reading The Excitement of Finding Things You Already Had: #1

Five Minute Friday: Beautifully Brave

This is my first time participating in Five Minute Friday hosted by The Gypsy Mama.  The rules are to write for five minutes without editing or over-thinking your writing.  It’s like “finger painting with words.”  I wrote this exercise by hand first and then typed it up.***I am brave.  I am cowardly.  Could it be…… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Beautifully Brave