This Ring

While writing poems for my third book, I’ve found it refreshing to look through traditional forms to try to write and include them along with my free verse poems. The first of those forms I tried to write for this book is a ghazal and it’s fit well with that form originating in the Middle…… Continue reading This Ring

An Amazing Art Reading from Some Weeks Ago

This video was recently posted, an art event and poetry reading I’d attended some time ago—I wasn’t reading my own work at this meeting or making any audible comments, but the camera will show my appreciation for the art, poems, and background stories shared. (If you notice, no it’s not a camera trick; I did…… Continue reading An Amazing Art Reading from Some Weeks Ago

Poet: Zeina Hashem Beck and Her Ghazal

Writing in form after a very long time was invigorating and refreshing, and an enjoyable challenge, especially choosing a form I’d heard of and hadn’t written yet myself. That ghazal I wrote I will read aloud at the online Art reading tomorrow afternoon. I wanted to read another ghazal written in English and I came…… Continue reading Poet: Zeina Hashem Beck and Her Ghazal

Currently Untitled

I began this poem last night, Tuesday and wrote a full draft this morning. I hadn’t picked a traditional form to try to write in, but some end line repetitions and couplets with some internal rhyme reminded me of a ghazal poem. It is currently untitled and also still a draft I am working on…this…… Continue reading Currently Untitled

My Blog Show

I just decided to turn my camera on and filmed this video, 30 minutes. 😊🎤💗☀️ My 1st Blog Show: Fri., 9/10/21 “Home, Hair, Intuition, and Art” Blush of Dawn Link: Note: It is actually ‘pure coconut oil’ in a cream form. You can leave it on your head for hours or overnight and…… Continue reading My Blog Show

Morning in Boston, Night in Australia, A Multi-National Online Poetry Reading

It was a memorable poetry reading I co-hosted today ‘From Boston to Oz’ with my long-time poet online friend from Adelaide, Australia, Deb Stewart who had the idea for the event and invited me. 🙏😊 And yes that was a book of hers on my shelf Slow Notes, a beautiful white & green poetry book…… Continue reading Morning in Boston, Night in Australia, A Multi-National Online Poetry Reading

‘…What Should I Be?’

Upon awakening this morning I worked on my first ghazal poem awhile yesterday in the late afternoon and into the night just before bed. The traditional ghazal form contains the same word at the end of each last line of the couplets and a word that rhymes with that end word is placed before it.…… Continue reading ‘…What Should I Be?’