Tell Me About You

There might have been a small overflow of posts from 10 yrs ago or more come up in your email from the blog this weekend from when I was updating my WordPress plan…These were posts mysteriously restored and not an avalanche of relevant news, my apologies. I wrote this About Me yesterday to share on…… Continue reading Tell Me About You

A Picture of a Moment in My Life in Words

We’d recently had the shower/bath tile wall re-grouted. The workers arrive and knock, I open the door, I am probably half their height as I say hi and welcome them in. They step inside to see a giant, fluffy gray cat running away into a back bedroom at top speed, gaining more speed gradually, tripping…… Continue reading A Picture of a Moment in My Life in Words

“As If I Had Been the Harp Then and the Hidden Music”

—for Miss May Ziadeh You were close to me last night with your compassion and how you were cherishing me; I felt the feather-soft way your fingers moved through my hair, the shape of your hands familiar and welcome…You placed your face close to mine and whispered in my ear a little while, quick soft…… Continue reading “As If I Had Been the Harp Then and the Hidden Music”

With My Hands: Flowers Found, Pressed, and Preserved, and A Little Ink Design from My Pen

That is my reflection appearing in glass and this art is now up to date, just complete Wed., Jun. 22, 2022, photo today. Little changes made by clarifying the text in black ink, clear glue, background white, card pasted onto it with the little gathered pressed flowers, this way to emphasize the brightness of the…… Continue reading With My Hands: Flowers Found, Pressed, and Preserved, and A Little Ink Design from My Pen

An Imagined Room and View

A quick sketch I did tonight with my recently found pastel pencils…of a view I’d had in mind for awhile from my imagination…and I am not sure what kind of flowers these are; let me know—they have felt necessary—first time seeing this view of mine in color on paper. I am still envisioning how it…… Continue reading An Imagined Room and View


…as if I’d dreamed the tea cup, but found it first and remembered the dream in my own fancy when I received it and picked it up in my hands and looked… The design is just what I would wish…Green I often turn to and admire, green that feels like new sprouts and grass and…… Continue reading …*

Champagne or Gold or a Buttercup from the Field

June 4, 2022 I don’t care. Neither does Ed…Let’s dance. 💃🥂♥️♥️ Oh yeah, I had Ed Sheeran mis-tagged last post as ‘Australian’. I don’t know why…I don’t care either. 😂


*It isn’t always easy to know who will enjoy a certain secret with me or which one they may like. *If someone doesn’t like my secret it isn’t taken away from me then but it may feel like it. *Secrets are always safe in poetry and fiction. *I use the word secret lightly to mean…… Continue reading Secrets

“Without Question”

roses, high noon (a quatrain) I used to fear the night, but ’round your head, there was a glow. I liked it better than the sun, It was love, I was yet to know. —Jade

Refreshed He Was, Said Peeko…

(in honor of Britney Spears) I could see Peeko was refreshed after a break from massive amounts of photo-taking from his well-meaning Paparazza Mom 📷☺️🧚‍♀️📸📷 and was wanting a post…🐱 “Yoga, you say? Let me show you how it’s done…” said Peeko. 🦁 “It goes like this.” 🐱🦁🐈 —Peeko

On the Pulse of Morning by Maya Angelou

On the Pulse of Morning by Maya Angelou Maya Angelou reading her poem A Rock, A River, A TreeHosts to species long since departed,Marked the mastodon,The dinosaur, who left dried tokensOf their sojourn hereOn our planet floor,Any broad alarm of their hastening doomIs lost in the gloom of dust and ages. But today, the…… Continue reading On the Pulse of Morning by Maya Angelou

A Dream from This…

I begin my dream I will hope to fall into, with the scent of the beach soothing me, surprising, such sweet suntan lotion warmed by the sun by my hands, in a book I’d found, softcover… and step into this photo I took tonight, the simplicity of night, white flowers, like jasmine flowers, the evening…… Continue reading A Dream from This…


With you, there is another world layered over this one. It’s so translucent and wondrously original, I’ve said. You ask if there is quality glass shielding all this. There is, I reply, but it feels like the edges are useless… —Jade

It’s Monday and the Right Rumi Has Arrived

May 23rd and continues a few days It’s Monday and the right Rumi has arrived. I’d sorted through editions, I found this pocket-like book containing that same 800 yrs ago poetry, but this time presented by various translators, the main editor’s aim to preserve Rumi’s original rhythm and conciseness. I could see that coming true…… Continue reading It’s Monday and the Right Rumi Has Arrived

Shakespeare Gets a Bath

(kind of) I have enjoyed the spa-like activity of lounging my legs and feet in the bathtub with warm water and soaps, not as a relaxation goal but it makes the skin softer and fragrant. In the meantime, I thought I’d bring Shakespeare’s play I got from the library, called Cymbeline, in to read with…… Continue reading Shakespeare Gets a Bath

Not My Door, But I Got My Classic and My Bright Bookmark

I finished reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte (1853) last night, felt I could remain within its mists even after the book ended, a ponderous read that I feel safe within… I took these photos on the spot yesterday early afternoon walking around after reading, was still in the middle of Villette. 📷 … Not My…… Continue reading Not My Door, But I Got My Classic and My Bright Bookmark

These Hands…

In the post, A Note Found and a Bookmark and A Great First Art Show, I’d found some surprise things inside books, like a handwritten paper, so I decided to make up my own writing prompt with an idea I’d had…Whether you try this imaginary exercise or another, these free writes can be plenty of…… Continue reading These Hands…

A Song for the Day and Night: Perfect by Ed Sheeran feat. Andrea Bocelli

the moon at dawn Beginning the day with song, attuned to love, listening, maybe a little singing… 💕💖🌴🎼✨💃💗🎼🌴💖💕 Song starts at 1:00 I love all the lyrics as well, especially how the song gradually winds into full Italian singing, as if on a little gondola gliding over the water with the mandolin sounds and…… Continue reading A Song for the Day and Night: Perfect by Ed Sheeran feat. Andrea Bocelli