Stepping Into a Novel Set in 1000 AD Like I’m In It Already

June 13, 2022 A beautifully unfolding novel I find myself at ease in the place and am amused to find myself sharing so many interests with the characters in this historical novel (set in Scotland about 1000 years earlier than our current time): Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King. I share with the characters interests…… Continue reading Stepping Into a Novel Set in 1000 AD Like I’m In It Already

What? He Likes the Way He Looks

“Yeah and?” —Peeko The bathroom door was mostly closed and I’d opened it to behold the above view… (📷photo by Dan his dad). 🐱 … photo by me, Monday morning My two full-length poetry books on the coffee table, Moonflower (2018) and A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame (2021). Peeko doesn’t actually endorse anyone’s poetry…… Continue reading What? He Likes the Way He Looks

Carnations The Wind Carries

My latest painting’s complete! A vague idea months ago came to mind as I was painting…of a great wind bringing something beautiful and delicate along with it. I’d started this anew recently and painted in the main subject, along with the long, fanlike green strands of grass I’d drawn in a recent sketch, as I…… Continue reading Carnations The Wind Carries

Considering Love Made Seen

January 6, 2022 photos at sunrise for May Ziadeh My smile is because you delight me and more; I smile to delight you more. May anyone around me enjoy my smile too, feel the warmth you’d set within me, it could spread. I have been talking too much, my sacred treasures sometimes beyond the language…… Continue reading Considering Love Made Seen

Memorable, Avec Musica

A really delightful surprise to come across another place for books to give and take, and I found two. 📙📙 I won’t try to name these now, but feel free. 😊 * Earlier Today: ‘Here Is Another’

What Would They Say?

I had some garden mishap with the strawberry plants and had also repotted them and there hadn’t been anymore budding strawberries since then. The plants also each had a look like ‘What the ***l just happened to me?’ and their soil was a little on a slant with some tiny hill when I’d tried to…… Continue reading What Would They Say?