An Imagined Room and View

A quick sketch I did tonight with my recently found pastel pencils…of a view I’d had in mind for awhile from my imagination…and I am not sure what kind of flowers these are; let me know—they have felt necessary—first time seeing this view of mine in color on paper. I am still envisioning how it…… Continue reading An Imagined Room and View

Refreshed He Was, Said Peeko…

(in honor of Britney Spears) I could see Peeko was refreshed after a break from massive amounts of photo-taking from his well-meaning Paparazza Mom 📷☺️🧚‍♀️📸📷 and was wanting a post…🐱 “Yoga, you say? Let me show you how it’s done…” said Peeko. 🦁 “It goes like this.” 🐱🦁🐈 —Peeko


With you, there is another world layered over this one. It’s so translucent and wondrously original, I’ve said. You ask if there is quality glass shielding all this. There is, I reply, but it feels like the edges are useless… —Jade