What? He Likes the Way He Looks

“Yeah and?” —Peeko The bathroom door was mostly closed and I’d opened it to behold the above view… (📷photo by Dan his dad). 🐱 … photo by me, Monday morning My two full-length poetry books on the coffee table, Moonflower (2018) and A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame (2021). Peeko doesn’t actually endorse anyone’s poetry…… Continue reading What? He Likes the Way He Looks

A Note Found and a Bookmark and A Great First Art Show

I found this bookmark in a library book I’d taken out and read yesterday, a slim blue copy of literary insight with a little biography of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. From that book, these lines of a poem by Edna I’d not heard of spoke to me most poignantly: The stone the angel rolled…… Continue reading A Note Found and a Bookmark and A Great First Art Show

This Is…

Humidity. This is the red flower moon full of… This is an anonymous lady shouting out, grilling, “Don’t be sorry, honey!” [to a man with her] of me, after there was no altercation, but only kindly manners, as he’d come quickly around a hidden bend, jogging toward my cart as I stepped aside, said I…… Continue reading This Is…

The Reddest Leaves

Don’t talk about the dream aloud, so I see that little brown, glossy-coated bear running low to the ground and coming toward me in the solitary, unmoving morning air, beside the outside gate of the swimming pool, and in the dream, I consider, if I don’t glare at the bear, if I act kindly, it…… Continue reading The Reddest Leaves