Blessing for November

May November bring you a wonderful new start, a time to realize what is most valuable in your life; wild, pleasant dreams, joy and comfort throughout any suffering, a creative awakening to make consistent progress in projects, and unending love.  Bye bye, October! 🙂

Honeymoon: Mountains, Evergreens, and Rain!

I am writing this from windy, rainy, but lovely Vermont where I am having my honeymoon.  The wedding (Saturday) went really well–my husband, Dan, is still working on the pictures.  There are so many!When I think back, I remember trickling water and a peaceful lily pond, smiles and tears, delicious food, laughter, holding hands, kisses,…… Continue reading Honeymoon: Mountains, Evergreens, and Rain!

Happily Reserved

An intention I have is to be respectful of other people’s privacy and emotions. Certain questions can make others uncomfortable, especially if the question asked is something that the other person does not want to share, and even more so if the question is not directed to the person about whom we are asking. What…… Continue reading Happily Reserved