The Lost Girl

Good afternoon, I didn’t know if I would really go away. 😊But I did. And I am back now to tell you about a novel I’ve completed that I’d mentioned before I left, The Lost Girl by D.H. Lawrence, and I won’t spoil plot or suspense for readers. I’d just recently found the novel in…… Continue reading The Lost Girl

A Sea-Air Song for the Morning

Both cups are for me. I like these cute little cups at times with about this amount of tea. I am much closer now to the end of the epic poem The Faery Queene (Book I) by Edmund Spenser and wrote something a very different sort of epic myself in yesterday’s post ‘Pop Music Face-Off.’…… Continue reading A Sea-Air Song for the Morning

Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

It’s now my official Pop music face-off I’d hinted at in a post last Friday held on this Pisces moon with the two Sagittarius competitors, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj. I am the Pisces host who will highlight strengths✔️and not-so-strengths ❌of these two singers and their music. So, let’s begin the face-off 😊… Nicki’s lyrical…… Continue reading Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

Music to Drink In and Fanciful Scenes That Could Be

Mattapoisett, MA One of my inspirations for writing and painting is music even though I am not musically talented or wish to create it myself. (I would sing perpetually off key and was classified in chorus as mezzo-soprano but I think that was a guess of not enough information.) For me there is very little…… Continue reading Music to Drink In and Fanciful Scenes That Could Be

“Deep Blue”

A great stormy…starlit…cloudy sky…oceanside song, “Deep Blue” featuring the singer-songwriter, Lisa Hannigan I have mentioned. I took a double take when I saw the moon through the window; it has been awhile, and then it retreated again behind a soft cloud.(I also want to mention this blog is searchable if you want to find posts with…… Continue reading “Deep Blue”

With “A Place to Meet Sea and Foam”

This is post #2 for today. The first one was “Beginnings With Long Ago Cereal and Yoga.” I planned to read a lot of poetry. But then the snow began to fall and changed my desire. I made tea. I brought the letter I received yesterday from my friend Kira to the table— it is…… Continue reading With “A Place to Meet Sea and Foam”