May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

library corner this afternoon by the window This morning I was very excited to take out the newest flower that had been pressed for a month in a closed book on the shelf (without me intentionally looking; one day I opened the book to read and happened to see it; placed it back.) 🤫It’s a…… Continue reading May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

Many a Thing…(A Trip to the Antiques Shop)

Tues. Apr. 12, 2022 photo from Tues., Apr. 5th—“Pants by Peeko 🐱,” a perfectly good hemming this time, Peeko helping on his own when I got the pants ready (just ‘loungewear’, shown in previous post.) He was proud of both the task and his own joke: sitting like this holding the pants in place and…… Continue reading Many a Thing…(A Trip to the Antiques Shop)