All These Dream Flowers Displayed on Their Porcelain Plate

It is the day, Dec. 1st, in my calendar; it’s been a month of a book I’ve had holding these newest dream flowers and remaining closed ’til this morning, these flowers found and preserved for author May Ziadeh, with affection, after the title of her first poetry book in French, a new delight of mine…… Continue reading All These Dream Flowers Displayed on Their Porcelain Plate

This Ring (Reading My Poem Aloud)

While writing poems for my third book, I’ve found it refreshing to look through traditional forms to try to write and include them along with my free verse poems. The first of those forms I tried to write for this book is a ghazal, and it’s fit well with that form originating in the Middle…… Continue reading This Ring (Reading My Poem Aloud)

All Day Library Day

After lunch, I packed a bag, my purse, and canteen, and camped out at the library all day (it was a great time!) while construction was being done admirably at the apartment. 🙏💕Peeko’s been having the best time himself at home as he enjoys hands on projects and broadening his skillset. 🐱 I checked on…… Continue reading All Day Library Day

The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

This is the Ziade Palace where poet and author May Ziadeh lived (b. Feb 1886, d. Oct. 1941) in Lebanon. The green gate lead up to the upper floor of the palace and it was said May had lived on the first floor with the traditional balcony. These recent photos were kindly taken by writer…… Continue reading The Mansion Where May Ziadeh Lived and Her Refrain I’d Heard in My Heart Answered

And After That, More Shuffling ++

A celebration it was recently… as you remember…👑MZ💕😊 🧚‍♀️And the after party got in more shuffle…and then ‘…another one 🎶 …!’ (yet I was ready to drop 💃!) starting with this surprise! summary of my favorite things I’ve mentioned on the blog in Blush of Dawn’s history…“Boyz” by Jesy Nelson feat. Nicki Minaj, and Nicki…… Continue reading And After That, More Shuffling ++

Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

This is not simply a woman I am unhappy with, but much more than that; it is the way this woman lived her life…It was a long earthly life, too and hurt felt not by herself but by the other people hurt by her behavior that she justified with her gently poisoned perspective. Mary Haskell,…… Continue reading Unhappy with This Example…I Learn From It…Now

A Great Dance Celebration

First song I picked…second, shuffle. ❓😊This is my 2nd YouTube channel just for yoga & dance. Moving around again!…with gratitude…sharing some positivity, dance & yoga for your day or night, may transfer to the page or brush. 😊✒️🎤🎨💌📜💃🖌 💐👑🎐😊💗 for May Ziadeh (choose highest quality) In support of #freebritney and a celebration of…… Continue reading A Great Dance Celebration

Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News :)

I came back home late afternoon yesterday (Mon.) Peeko this morning, after requesting his read earlier than usual, heard a favorite poem he likes to replay, “The Bean-Stalk” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. He sat like a hen as he listened to it, this photo above snapped just as he reclined relaxed afterwards, and I…… Continue reading Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News 🙂

My Fun Critique of a Novel by Ameen Rihani, First One in English by An Arab-American Author

I often almost forget the Pisces moon in my sign, but last night I glimpsed its sweet glimmering through the slim hallway window, still tall enough for me to see the moon aglow and the rain shimmering darkly around it too, before bed. *~ It is Sunday and I’d received the news yesterday that Britney…… Continue reading My Fun Critique of a Novel by Ameen Rihani, First One in English by An Arab-American Author

Line in Time for the Literary Salon

I said, maybe silent reading from me for your salon today and no comment, but I love the book and you knew the author, but we don’t puff the man up now, the novel The Book of Khalid is excellent. It’s still Tuesday, my darling. So…my screen shots: a novel with plenty of thoughts considered…… Continue reading Line in Time for the Literary Salon

Building A Bridge

photos & intro note Nov. 7 & 9th, ‘21 مي, It has felt to me that at the time I wrote this post, you were already building your own bridge…of which I did not yet know 🗝and I’d find my way there mid-May… I see you needed not build a bridge…you stepped through the waters amidst…… Continue reading Building A Bridge

Got On A Boat In A Book I Found, Made Me Laugh Aloud

Let’s just do words, no pictures today. 😊 The new book I began is incredibly good, by the author Ameen Rihani I’d discovered listed as one of the very few of May Ziadeh’s literary colleagues (or of people she knew in general) who had helped get her out of the horrific mental asylum in Lebanon…… Continue reading Got On A Boat In A Book I Found, Made Me Laugh Aloud

Memorable, Avec Musica

A really delightful surprise to come across another place for books to give and take, and I found two. 📙📙 I won’t try to name these now, but feel free. 😊 * Earlier Today: ‘Here Is Another’

‘Here is Another’

I found myself unraveling my own self and my days in the night with a tone of apology, had felt the kindest “Shhh…” I sit with tea to see the sky like this; I smile at being so spoiled but then there’s the subtle, ’Shhh’ 😊and more color brushed on…and the creamy lamplit walls and…… Continue reading ‘Here is Another’

The Excitement of Finding Things You Already Had: #1

Well, I decided to find new table mats and to replace the ones I’d burned a little years ago with a frying pan maybe twice and hadn’t picked them out specifically, also saw I wanted more color and softness. These handwoven placemats and this vintage napkin holder I found on Etsy arrived yesterday morning and…… Continue reading The Excitement of Finding Things You Already Had: #1

Let The Literary Salon Begin…

Let the literary salon begin with heavenly host, May… Announcements: I had a post series in mind and yet as I’d review it I would see the other poets had already had positive expressions after their critics’ criticisms on this blog. I’ve often be a little unintentionally careless with the poet Rumi, sometimes having deleted…… Continue reading Let The Literary Salon Begin…

Blind Book Find

I believe my eyes had closed intentionally in this photo of mine…likely moved by music and great affection. * I found this novel The History of Love by Nicole Krauss among other books as free book donations left locally some day a week into September if I remember correctly, and at the time remembering that…… Continue reading Blind Book Find

There, A Rare Photo

I thought my own conclusion of who’s who in the photo I would take out of this post ‘cause it’s unclear to me. I will keep my own photos that follow. (But translated names in the Wikipedia caption: May Ziadeh, Charles, Samia, Emily Al-Rihani.) Man to left looks to me like the author, Ameen Rihani;…… Continue reading There, A Rare Photo