The Latest Draft of My Sonnet Is Being Guarded with Seriousness

I made a cup of afternoon tea and wanted to also read the fourth draft of my new sonnet in progress. I quickly found the first three drafts loose…and my most current one, not so free! But definitely not lost and definitely not ‘run away.’ This lyon is guarding it for me, and I look…… Continue reading The Latest Draft of My Sonnet Is Being Guarded with Seriousness

After Poetry, A Portrait

Left to right: Ann (my mom’s bestie), My mom, and me in Massachusetts Conversations of coconut oil, free library cabinets, yoga, French breaded desserts, Italian restaurants and friendly waiters, a great aunt’s tea cups coming out of storage for display, and types of meditation. * Earlier: Finding Things You Already Had, With A Runaway Sonnet:…… Continue reading After Poetry, A Portrait

Let The Literary Salon Begin…

Let the literary salon begin with heavenly host, May… Announcements: I had a post series in mind and yet as I’d review it I would see the other poets had already had positive expressions after their critics’ criticisms on this blog. I’ve often be a little unintentionally careless with the poet Rumi, sometimes having deleted…… Continue reading Let The Literary Salon Begin…

My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

…From Brooklyn, New York, our ‘hometown’…to me in Massachusetts. 🍁🌳🍂We had lunch together and took photos inside while it was raining. “That is the look of a gentleman who should run his own art gallery,” I said, (snapping photo.) Peeko was glad to see his grandma again in person and had come nearer to greet…… Continue reading My Mom, Joanie Rose Arrives!

Your Sunday Picture Book

Mid-morning after we woke, Peeko was napping contentedly on the bed at sunrise. Here he was lounging just across from my living room chair facing where I would sit a few moments before I did (and where he doesn’t usually sit) and I knelt to take this photo of him at eye level before I…… Continue reading Your Sunday Picture Book