This Ring (Reading My Poem Aloud)

While writing poems for my third book, I’ve found it refreshing to look through traditional forms to try to write and include them along with my free verse poems. The first of those forms I tried to write for this book is a ghazal, and it’s fit well with that form originating in the Middle…… Continue reading This Ring (Reading My Poem Aloud)

My Sorrow

photo sun. nov. 28, am more words from nov. 25th… Keep singing, Cara, start up a little warmth in me; it’s warm how I’d like it in the room already. I wait to drink my golden flowers, as the sunrise lights up my tears— I keep them out of my cup; I wish it would…… Continue reading My Sorrow

An Indelible Online Poetry Reading: Connection & Disconnection in The Ikea Age

so much blush these evenings & more this morning with the moon too 😘🌕 I attended Indelible Evenings as a guest on Wed. 11/17/21, an online reading hosted in Dubai that goes along with Indelible magazine in which two of my poems from my third book in progress will be published. Roula Maria-Dib is the…… Continue reading An Indelible Online Poetry Reading: Connection & Disconnection in The Ikea Age

I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

…I still photoed it a moment outside on the balcony…I don’t feel frustrated as if it should show apart from the tree; it is sweet like that & even a little teasingly. I painted early evening…🎨I found so many new and different colors that complemented each other and could be part of the new painting…… Continue reading I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News :)

I came back home late afternoon yesterday (Mon.) Peeko this morning, after requesting his read earlier than usual, heard a favorite poem he likes to replay, “The Bean-Stalk” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. He sat like a hen as he listened to it, this photo above snapped just as he reclined relaxed afterwards, and I…… Continue reading Home Now…My Recent True Tales with Art: Evening News 🙂

A Rightfully Edna’s Moon Celebration

This blog, Blush of Dawn’s ”original re-start up poet,” Edna St. Vincent Millay, Maine, New England-born author, b. Feb. 22, 1892 celebrates a Pisces moon today! (And I, too share this remembered moon.) 🌜 Just in time as the moon will soon move to Aries, I will share a favorite poem of hers from ones…… Continue reading A Rightfully Edna’s Moon Celebration

My Fun Critique of a Novel by Ameen Rihani, First One in English by An Arab-American Author

I often almost forget the Pisces moon in my sign, but last night I glimpsed its sweet glimmering through the slim hallway window, still tall enough for me to see the moon aglow and the rain shimmering darkly around it too, before bed. *~ It is Sunday and I’d received the news yesterday that Britney…… Continue reading My Fun Critique of a Novel by Ameen Rihani, First One in English by An Arab-American Author


a recent photo luxuriously flaunting his longness… Peeko knew it was his birthday today as soon as dawn’s waking, he ran! into the bedroom (instead of walking) as I was awakening and looked up at me with great attention and excitement, and with a hint of baby sweetness, and then he leapt onto the new…… Continue reading 7!

All These Songs Woven with the Zodiac

More music I am listening to…a recent favorite song I play often is ”Don’t Go” by Skrillex, Justin Bieber, and Jon Tolliver. I know I share a lot of music on the blog sung by women singers; I am much more selective with men’s voices and lyrics…I think Justin Bieber’s my current favorite male singer…… Continue reading All These Songs Woven with the Zodiac

“Sign Language” Remix!

Peeko’s new favorite song release…for his own bowl bed of choice seated performance ((& if you wonder what the blog’s about…)) We got poets, cups, windows, glasses, tea pots, lamps, moons, sky-watchings. Sonnets, plums, darkness, soups, low profile chairs, highly affectionate heavenly ghosts. Flower surprise growing up in the dirt, chocolate dark as earth,…… Continue reading “Sign Language” Remix!


letting my hair begin to dry in morning sun and atmosphere I find myself feeling replenished and my balance more restored with great help from God and others and myself in my gratitude, simplifying my project focus and goals beforehand, pure coconut oil left-in for hair and skin and aromatherapy (it’s a fruit😊), and a…… Continue reading Replenished


Evening blush tonight As for the previous post, it felt to me as if someone was saying, “Lights out…Time for rest now, Baby.” And it was. A laugh out loud line of Shakespeare’s (cited in Selected Poems by Lord Byron): “I’d rather be a kitten, and cry, mew! Than one of these same meter ballad-mongers”…… Continue reading Soothing

Walk Into Day Darkness

Question: Am I invisible truly or am I shifting❓🧚‍♀️🌫😊 My prediction: This is part of indoor home construction. Fun fact: I can see very well in the dark, literally. Evidence: My husband Dan arrived home in the dark just after me too and I saw a truck outside, been some light construction noise today, sound…… Continue reading Walk Into Day Darkness

Poet Byron with The Moon

Byron might like his book and the moon together… My reflective review apart from my moonlit window: These are poems to soak up and drink in, beautifully somber and purely light, with repeating motifs in the “Fragment” poems and “Stanzas For Music” poems, perhaps going along nicely with French Classical composer Gabriel Fauré’s piece “Romances…… Continue reading Poet Byron with The Moon

A Letter To Honor Poet May Ziadeh and Two of Her Poems, Eighty Years Later

Featured again today on the blog with affection💕🙏… for May Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 after her first poetry book, Dream Flowers May Ziadeh writes: “I hope that after my death someone will do justice to me and extract from my small writings the truthfulness and sincerity it contains!!” b. Feb. 11, 1886 – d. Oct.…… Continue reading A Letter To Honor Poet May Ziadeh and Two of Her Poems, Eighty Years Later

And The Moon’s Shiny Tonight

It’s the Moon! You know it. A song came on my shuffle today, think my own Christmas thought, save it in my mind for a future post, keeping my hands off the blog, and then quickly check social media late that night to see Britney Spears has posted a Christmas picture. 🎄 I take a…… Continue reading And The Moon’s Shiny Tonight